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Ben Sturgell

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Music News: Sturgell records 'February Blue' at Dark Horse"

What is it about February that is so exciting every year? The month is enjoyed for love in the air and also because everyone knows spring is on the way. The blue skies and budding trees are what people look forward to experiencing as the days evolve from chilly and gloomy to warm and beautiful. Running with this theme is Ben Sturgell’s new single, “February Blue,” recorded at the incredible Dark Horse Studios in Franklin.

The release party is set for the next Murfreesboro Music Box Lounge event on March 18 at the Blue Rooster, appropriately enough.

My Music Box Lounge (MBL) is back March 18 with many events planned to coincide with the approaching warmer weather. This event is a sneak peek before the official CD release in April on iTunes and in Best Buy stores nationwide. My MBL will promote the release of “February Blue” as a single.

With signings planned at specific Best Buy locations, i.e., Fayetteville, Ark., for starters, “February Blue” is branching out via radio shows, My MBL events in Nashville and Murfreesboro and potentially even morning television shows.

The making of “February Blue” at Dark Horse Studios is exciting with all the beauty and energy of the property itself, but also with the history of artists who have recorded and lived there in the past. The masterminds behind the concept of the song is another exciting story, as energy and lives build on each other for the betterment of the music world, and those who come to experience “February Blue” on a personal level on March 18 will be in for quite a treat.

Stay tuned for more info on “February Blue,” the “making of” at Dark Horse Studios, the collective efforts and masterminds behind it all and more amazing events to come!

Come out March 18 to the Blue Rooster for an evening that will kick out dismal winter and pull in the blue skies. For more information, visit or

- The Murfreesboro Pulse


February Blue 2009
Earth Core coming soon 11/2010



It's there in the corner of a small and dusty room. Partially covered by a torn piece of burlap and an old shirt that is now speckled with paint, it never moves. The sunlight graces its face for a small portion of each day, and then the shadows consume it. But when it catches the light, the colors shine so vividly. It almost glows with warmth. The man in the room knows that it's there, all tucked away, just the way he left it. It is his masterpiece, his Mona Lisa. Fear is his only inhibitor. In his dreams, he invites the museum curator to take a look at his work. He awakes with anticipation each and every day. But the curator never shows, and the man forgets that it was only a dream. So, his painting sits just like it was the day before, and the day before that, and many more before. It sits in the corner, creating a small spot where the dust never hits the floor. What good is such a painting if no one ever sees it? What good is music if it is never heard?