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BIO (solo)

The music of Ben Suchy (pronounced 'sue key') is a mixture of Blues and Folk. His Blues sways more towards a Delta style where his Folk is more contemporary and sometimes highlighted with a touch of pop. This is best exemplified on his new album "Head For Home", released in August of 2004. Through 12 original tracks, Suchy's fourth solo album (following 'Grapefruit Wine" 2002) displays the nobilities of his lap-slide, finger-picking, vocal, and harmonica skills, not to mention his lyrical depth and imagination. His style is an integration of past with present--old with new. Ben Suchy's music is simple yet compelling.

Hailing from the upper Midwest, Suchy's North Dakota roots found him traveling the U.S. and Canada at an early age with his musical family. Today Suchy mostly performs solo or with complimenting textures of bass and drum. He has opened for such elites as David Lindley and Wally Ingram, Ben Taylor Band, Donna the Buffalo, and Dave Moore.

2004 Highlights have been appearances at both the Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival in Silk Hope, NC and the Fingerlakes Grassroots Festival in Trumansburg, NY. From Southern Florida to Northern Washington Suchy continues to spread his exceptional music

BEN SUCHY: Fly Fishing


Emotional Blues

Written By: Ben Suchy

Emotional Blues
-Ben Suchy
copyright 2005

Verse 1: Times are getting tougher almost every day/ I’m just tryin to get us through in almost every way/ rackin my brain for ways to sustain this occupation/ these bills they kill I need a vacation

Pre-CH: At times I think I may be just goin insane/ babe without you here by my side I would go on missing you/ listen to the beat of my heart/ one thing I know is that I love you

Chorus: And everybody’s sayin yeah yeah yeah sometimes I feel the same way too/ And everybody’s sayin yeah yeah yeah sometimes I’m feelin just like you/ And everybody’s sayin yeah yeah yeah sometimes I get a touch of the blues but I know and be assured man if it’s true your heart can indure those emotional blues

Verse 3: I’m sending messages in bottles but they always break and then what used to be half full is now an empty lake/ kick it around my situation’s running sour like sand through the hour glass hour after hour