Ben Suchy

Ben Suchy

 Bismarck, North Dakota, USA

Ben Suchy’s solo show is something to see! A full “Stomp-Grass” sound with foot percussion, electro-harp, deep lyrics and upper shelf guitar! Performing across US and Canada including the Winnipeg Folk & Grassroots Festivals in NY and NC. This 2011 Kerrville New Folk Finalist is one to check out!


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North Dakota based Ben Suchy performs solo "Stomp-Grass" or with his 3-4 piece band. His solo show is borderline one-man band. Full of stomping foot percussion, electro-harmonica, flat-pick, finger-style guitar and lap slide banjitar it’s a site to see. This music can sway anywhere from Blues-Folk like John Prine, or G Love to pounding rhythms like Ben Harper and Xavier Rudd. His band performs roots-rock music that embraces folk, Americana, blues, and rock while adding danceable grooves and rhythms to the sounds foundation. Suchy is a multi-instrumentalist and a fantastic songwriter with deep lyrics and music to dig through.

Suchy's songs have been applauded by the Minnesota Folk Festival and Walnut Valley Folk Festival. In 2011 he was a New Folk Finalist at the Kerrville Folk Festival and then returned in the Fall for their Wine and Music Fest. He has performed at the Winnipeg Folk Festival, Grassroots Festivals in NY and NC, Sioux River Folk Festival, Sundance Film Festival, and the National Music Museum. Suchy has consistently gigged and toured throughout the US for the past 10 years. He has shared stages with such elites as: Ben Taylor Band, David Lindley and Wally Ingram, Donna the Buffalo, Los Lobos, EOTO, The Donnas, Peter Ostroushko, That 1 Guy, Heatbox, Gypsyfoot, Jon Wayne and the Pain, Natty Nation, Dave Moore, and many more.


dirty bird (fallen angel)

Written By: Ben Suchy

i've been beat up kid i've done busted bones Im a hard sucker all though it dont show uh huh. I'm coming to your town. I've been worn up Ive been torn down like an old pair of jeans coming apart at the seams still hangin around. They might take me down string me up cut me open like a six point buck but they cant take away my shine. throw me over the fishing boat poke me in the eye and cut my throat but im still goin out with a smile.

some people say that im an angel (musta just fell off the perch) maybe i never heard the good word. maybe im just a dirty bird

in my mind

Written By: Ben Suchy

i can feel the sun inside my face vitamin D-A-Y glorious days. your skin is warm against my arm seagulls call the ocean blue. you were always the one this is true. its another daydream on the sand. clouds sail like ships above the land. you are talking so soft hear the ice against your glass if i had one last wish wish this would last.

but in reality im in this tractor pulling time across a landlocked field. as the crow flies im so far away from you even though your in my mind

in an august daydream state of mind. horizontally just wastin time. we could sail the night away or just sit up on the moon or we could skip like rocks around all afternoon:)

Head For Home

Written By: Ben Suchy

Head For Home

Verse1: Been a long day but it’s alright/ when the whistle blows time to head for home
Get a cold one down at the Broken Spoke/ make a quick joke then/ time to head for home/ what about you? You and your own? Working these hands down to the bone

Verse2: In this rat race/ carving your place/ piece of mind/ as ya head for home/ you’re a simple life man/ cigarette and a beer can/ wash the day’s work down/ then ya head for home/ what about you? You and your own? Working these hands down to the bone

Bridge/Chorus: Don’t have much but your friends are true/ Your little kids are growin up to you/ done some things that you read about/ spent some time tryin to better yourself/ so at the end of the road/ time to head for home

Ext. Verse3: The day’s work’s done/ let’s go have some fun/ being proud of yourself as you head for home/ the kitchen smells good/ about as good as it ever could/ your still half a mile out/ as you head for home/ then ya open up the door/ and a tug on your arm/ sends you looking down/ little smile little charm/ you’re a simple life man/ cigarette and a beer can/ you’re the family man/ that’s why you head for home/ that’s why you head for home/ headin for home/ you’re days go by and then you head for home.


Written By: Ben Suchy


you know there’s nothing here that I think I really need / I could walk away off and run into the trees / live a life surrounded by simplicity / all alone and on my own

there’s clutter in my mind and sometimes clutter in my soul / can I find a way to hold on

standing underneath this moon you know it puts my mind at ease / like an old familiar tune calling me from the deepest dream / and the progress it don’t matter much if you’re going the wrong way / slow it down, turn around my friends

if there’s clutter in your mind sometimes clutter in your soul / can you find a way to hold on

some kind of zen

Written By: Ben Suchy

Some kind of zen

Sitting at that station / north to southern line / you’re on vacation of the one way ticket kind / you started moving down slowly and now there you go / some kind of zen they found down in old mexico

You were a mover and a shaker on the scene / you rolled in sixth gear if you know what I mean / you wore those diamond rings from your head to your toe / but you jumped that first world ship for that third world boat

searchin for answers

Written By: Ben Suchy

Searchin for Answers

Searchin for answers at the bottom of a bottle may lead to more questions you don’t care to swallow / this path might keep winding through valleys of sorrow / climb up a mountain and you might be there

I was up on a mountain breathing in a pine tree / experiencing a moment some call clarity / the trees were all angels in a time-space of solace / they waltzed in the still breeze of the evening air

Stuck in some traffic with people going nowhere / in a valley of failure watching an empire fall / caught a glimpse of a mountain through a plume colored yellow / wanted to drive there but I was out on a call

Then in a corner bar searchin for answers somebody’s talking but nobody cares / smoke off the ceiling like a one color rainbow / closing my eyes I was already there

up on a mountain breathing in a pine tree / experiencing a moment some call clarity / the trees are all angels in a time-space of solace / they waltzed in the still breeze of the evening air / we waltzed in the still breeze of the evening air

sittin in my kitchen

Written By: Ben Suchy

Sittin in my kitchen

Sittin in my kitchen packin up all my things / what should I throw away? What should I keep? Then it occurred to me I been here once before / a better man might of closed the door and thrown away the key

Is it that time again? Is this where we stop or just where we begin? Have I been traveling in circles? Starting to see only things ya keep are the memories

Riding on a feeling / headin west on a morning train / guitar and a pack on my back and / not much more to say / moving with a motion / getting by the best I can / cuz when I get there then I hope ill see my friends

Fresh New Start

Written By: Ben Suchy

Fresh New Start

V1: Mid June I was on my porch. No intentions of any sort. Minding my own staying at home staring at my fresh mowed lawn. Guess I met her a week before she was smooth I was coarse. My surprise a subtle sign wonder if I’m falling in love.

Ch: And then about that time those old butterflies flew across that full moon into my heart. All along thought those days were gone. Someday soon hope she’ll bring me a fresh new start

V2: Now I sit here all alone. Check the pulse on my telephone. She’s gone im at home I wonder if she’s falling in love. She writes me letters now and then. I write her back in a subliminal pen. Still believe she may be meant for me. Maybe she’s fallen out of love


Head For Home 2004
Fly Fishing 2006
Moth to the Flame 2009

Set List

mostly originals and some covers such as Mason Jennings, John Prine, and G Love.