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This young independent artist is Michael Crigler aka BeNT. He is above average in his songwriting, super talented, before his time, original, creative, diverse and "Stuck In The Game", the title of one of the songs he wrote on his first independent release, BeNT "It's Time." Born in Waukegan, Illinois and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, he is a mixture of the North and the South. BeNT says, "Today, there are many musical angles that have not been explored and my purpose in the entertainment industry is to tap into the unexplored art forms; in hopes to attract, inspire, motivate, entertain, and awe all ears."

A big fan of old school and new school R&B music; he is influenced by Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Prince, James Brown, The Ohio Players, DeAngelo, Al Jareau, Michael Jackson, Al Green, and the list goes on… His favorite hip hop artists are OutKast, Jay-Z, Trick Daddy, Common Sense, Mystical, 2-Pac and E-40.

Bent’s creativity adds value to any music project and this bio gives some depth on his background, accomplishments, and an idea of the path that he wants to take as a professional entertainer and music artist.

His tenor singing voice is mellow and smooth and has been compared to Eddie Kendricks, Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield. Add that to his diversified lyrical flow, and handsome looks and you have a complete artist. Creativity and originality are the keys to whatever endeavor he partakes in, whether it be signing with a record label, or performing, producing, writing songs for artists or film. He's an artist that strives on becoming the best at what he does without having limitations, and plans to use his talents to explore all opportunities presented to him.

Accomplishments and Performances
His major accomplishments include the completion of “BENT”, a collection of 10 songs he wrote and are currently being streamed on over 40 websites. The lengthy catalog of more than 100 songs already recorded, that are written are ready for the studio and/or to offer to major labels, recording artists, companies, publicists, and ghost writing. He also has two of his songs “Stuck In The Game” and “ISeeWhatsGoinOn” included in the soundtrack of an independent film entitled “The Delivery Boy Chronicles” staring Shawn Mullins (singer songwriter), which debuted in June 2004 at the Rialto Theater in Atlanta for the Atlanta Film Festival (See Attachment). In 2006, he was runner up in the ISC International Songwriting Contest with his song “I Gotta Go” of which he wrote the lyrics and the produced the music.
--2006 Performance in LaGrange, GA, VFW-People TV Show
--2005 - #16 Song on Hi jack the track Series one compilation, Bottom Line Entertainment, Atlanta, GA

--Completion of 1st album “BENT IT’S TIME”, a collection of songs (all song written by him) 2002.

--He has completed over 3 finished CDs & lengthy catalog of songs written and ready for the studio/and to offer to major label recording artists/companies and publicists.

--Movie entitled “The Delivery Boy Chronicles” staring Shawn Mullins (singer/songwriter), which debuted in June 2004 in the Atlanta Film Festival at the Rialto Theater --Featured -- two of his songs “Stuck In The Game” and “I See Whats Going On” in the movie soundtracks.

--Performance in Broke and Hungry Showcase, Iron Butterfly Productions, Mascarade, October 2004.

--In addition to writing, rapping and producing he has been perfecting his singing voice by taking lessons with a famous Atlanta voice teacher.

--The has performed in many festivals and showcases: He was the special guest performer at “Showtime in the Suburbs” Chicago, IL on May 29, 2004;

--The Spring Sweet Auburn Festival; Shedar Records, Music Showcase, All Star Weekend; Sound Music Warehouse, Midtown, Atlanta, Christmas; Atlanta, Georgia; Celebrity Rock Café for the Jack the Rapper Showcase; multiple college showcases University of Georgia in Athens, and Georgia Southern University, Chicago area colleges; College of Lake County, Barat College, Atlantis Music Conference, Music1 A&R workshop in Atlanta.

TV & Radio
• Performed and interviewed on, People TV’s “Hangin with AR”
• Performed on “On The Rise.” local Atlanta public television shows.
• Remedy radio “song opener “Suckas Never Play me”

• Featured in the July 2002 Issue of Holla Magazine
• Featured article on “Bent” in August 2002 issue of Treal Magazine

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I Gotta Go

Written By: Michael Wayne Crigler

Michael Wayne Crigler
I Gotta Go

I’m hoppin outta transportation
On my way to a show
After that I guess I’ll figure out which way I gotta go
Either way I gotta go
To the block serving niggas my product
a lotta problems but its fina be some more
So lets take it to the level its gotta be
Too blessed for a robbery
huggin my microphone til my momma win the lottery
times getting tough
but its like I m getting stronger by the day
getting right by the night getting buck
pull out on hoes til I’m ready to plant seeds
and I ain’t nothing like you sucka mcs more trees than
the motherland got when a brotherman hot
gotta go before they run up in a brotherman spot
Haters go get your dictionary
perpetual wave band vomit clutchin stomachs
like I got you in the missionary
cryin get some tissue
bury you put your book up
I gotta go baby brother brain waves on the cook up, yeah

Picture me posted on the podium
with my pen and my paper
puffin the potentest smokinest
with precision I’m paintin
my stroke is off of the top
niggas be lovin me for it
forward the check to my momma baby, cause I can’t stop
I been on it since I been on it
It don’t matter chitter chatter see
I’ m heavy on the reception
And long on the battery
I’m all night long real
strong like cologne is
gone in the dome like me and my microphone
dig that
mean mugging
why you lookin get back
gone and pushem off like
I don’t love em baby brother, gotta go
got the recipe for proper progression
a full class every semester
I throw that lesson
A bonified audio session
You make the connection
If you get caught with my record
you might go down for possession
if you ready get your weaponry
invest in my hookup
I gotta go baby brother brain waves on the cook up, yeah

A lotta y’all been lookin for me here I go
I guess ya done won the lottery
Live through your speaker box
Pumpin water water out your back

Whether I be in the club, or I be in the flat
I keep it relaxed
If I’m in the streets I’m way low
Politicin my peace
I gives a fuck about how many records he done sold
I got my own production and percussion stay cold
The world on my shoulders
And perculatin flow

Gotta hustle for the dough and suffer the reprocussions
System givin me shit, but I ain’t takin nothin
And no it ain’t up for discussion, I ‘m tryin to be nice
Cause my niggas cocking them tools and they dyin to buss um
They just waitin for the cue
I got my folk in position
What you think? I’m ready for what ever they want to do
Ring the alarm, I’m fina detonate the bomb
You gone feel it in your city, whatever city, you wit me, then come on
I gotta go

I gotta go baby brother brain waves on the cook up, yeah
Yeah, I’m in it to win it player, call it if its funny man

I gotta go baby brother brain waves on the cook up, yeah
Pimpin pins for a livin but not all about the money, man

Sit Back and Relax

Written By: Michael Wayne Crigler

I will submit my lyrics at a later date. I don't have them available right now.


Written By: Michael Wayne Crigler

I will submit later, thank you.

I Gotta Go

Written By: Michael Wayne Crigler

I will submit, later, Thank you.


Released "BeNT", It's Time To Get BeNT" 10 Song CD currently being streamed on over 40 websites.

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