Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
BandHip Hop

I started making music because it was the only thing that made me feel good. I memorized every verse of my favorite artists songs and felt the only way to satisfy my need for it was to become the rapper. ive always cared about everyone getting along, everyone being happy. I feel the same about music


Ya wanna know what my biggest weakness is? I give a shit. Explains an early 20s Caucasian young man from the Midwest. I care too much and its so hard not to.

Ben Tarrolly, known as Bentellect, grew up with little human interaction. He was raised in a strict Christian home up until Middle School when he finally hit the real world and became opinionated on literally every subject.

His music is like taking a ride down the highway, absorbing every sight, sound and potential scenario. He analyzes and breaks apart situations, people and society with his bold descriptive lyrics that dive below the surface; reaching an intellectual level rarely approached by most rappers. He is what you might encounter if you were down on your luck and a stranger shared a few profound words about life.

Using only music to ease his stress and tension from everyday life, Bentellect immerses listeners in a world of witty humor and dark tales. He delivers spellbinding literature worthy of sean daley's notoriety.

Bentellect has the brain of a man from ages ago; the soul of centuries past: Here today to excite and amaze the new world.


"inconceivable" 2011
"lemon color" 2012
"make believe" 2013