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Red Dragon Skin Boots

Written By: Lee Wanaselja

1) In the beginning when God made the earth
He put man in a garden and said this is your turf
But along came a serpent and caused the man to sin
Now the serpent and the Man
Have been at war ever since

2) John the Revelator said in the last days
The serpent as a red dragon will try in a craze
To swallow up the Christ child, but the dragon he will fail
And in the end the dragon will lose his hide from head to tail

So I can’t wait to see heaven
And walk the streets of gold
To pass on through those pearly gates
And greet the saints of old
Cause of all the things in heaven
Just one will be a hoot
Is when I finally see Jesus
In a brand new pair
Of red dragon skin boots

3) The Father said to Jesus after He went to the cross
Now you can reclaim the earth and rescue the lost
Then round up all the demons and the devils stolen loot
And I’ll make a footstool of those fiends
To match your dragon skin boots

(Chorus -- Instrumental)

4) Now the moral of the story is: Jesus, He has won
The Son of Man has crushed the head, of the red dragon
So though the serpent may seem for now, his own horn to toot
You’ll never see a serpent
Wearing man-skin boots


In Harms Way

Written By: Lee Wanaselja

In Harms Way 4:28
(A Prayer for Our Troops)

God bless all the men and women who are
Standing in harms way
To defend our homes and protect our families
Who have answered the call to arms and fight for this country
Against the enemies of liberty

May they always rise on eagle’s wings and soar above the fray
May they always stand against the foe,
Deprive him of his way
May Your angels be their constant comrades in the fire fight
Lord bless our men and women in harms way

Lord let them feel Your presence when they’re feeling all alone
And they think no one remembers back at home
Remind them we are praying for their care and safe return
And victory in their mission against the foe

Lord bless our sons and daughters our husbands and our wives
Our fathers and our mothers who defend us with their lives
Guard all our brothers and sisters and friends who took the stand
To stem the tide of evil against our land

[America, America, God shed His grace on thee]
In these days of rising darkness may we
always shine the light
Of freedom, hope and the cause of liberty
May all of us look to our God to help us in this fight

And pray for our service people faithfully