Benton Harbor Lunchbox

Benton Harbor Lunchbox

 Berwyn, Illinois, USA

Reaffirming and Reinventing the Great Traditions of American Music in All Their Primitive, Archetypal, and Often-Accidental Glory, BENTON HARBOR LUNCHBOX Bring You Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roll with a Touch of the Musical Voodoo


A Benton Harbor Lunchbox is amateur-radio parlance for a transmitter/receiver made by the Heathkit Co. of Benton Harbor, MI, in the early 1960s. Brilliant in its simplicity, intuitive, and fully functional, it harnesses the power of the airwaves to bring all the lonesome souls together.
Inspired by the rudimentary technology that is their namesake, this Chicago-based group makes music with a similar purpose: To transmit and receive the collective consciousness ā€¦ sometimes emotionally, sometimes cerebrally, and sometimes viscerally, like a kick to the crotch. Their literate, unpretentious, and undomesticated homage to the American underground speaks for itself--and hopefully to you.
--Andy Seagram is a singer-songwriter, luftmensch, and general malcontent. He played music and worked in record stores in Los Angeles for a number of years before moving to Chicago and forming this band.
--Drew Weir is a guitar player and sound engineer/producer (w/ Vagabond Audio in Chicago). Previously, he has performed w/ The Rolls and Three on the Tree.
--Bassist Mike Lahart has been in numerous bands in and around the Chicago area since he was knee-high to a grasshopper. Mike is an accomplished and diverse bass player--better than most really.
--Drummer Tom Sorich has played with more groups than you can shake a stick at, from any number of singer-songwriters, to a Zydeco band, to his own jazz trio. He has also been a long-time drum/percussion instructor at Chicago's famous Old Town School of Folk Music.


Self-titled, 10-song CD. (Available for purchase/download through CD Baby at or through myspace at

Set List

Our potential set lists are about as diverse as you'll ever hear. We have over three hours worth of material, with 20+ original tunes, some covers (ranging from the Velvet Underground to Revered Gary Davis--in general, we try to give them a very original take), and some solo acoustic music. We could accomadate most crowds in almost any venue, from more traditional folk rock/roots, to rock 'n' roll, to voodoo/gypsy roots and blues ... or we can mix em all up, which is what we usually do. We have played hour-long sets, and we have played three hour-long sets. We have played rock clubs, dive bars, art galleries, and cafes.