Ben Tyler Band

Ben Tyler Band


Ambient Pop-Rock group based out of Albany, NY that is dedicated to breaking new musical ground and bringing people together.



The one moment where you as a fan connect with the artist on stage- where you can FEEL the energy of the room breathe together- that is what the Ben Tyler Band, based out of Albany, NY strive to get out of its audience each and every show. Those handsome boys of the BTB are all about bringin' people together and maybe doing some pelvic guitar thrusts along the way.

The band was the only independent artist selected to perform at Albanys Parkfest 04 where they opened for Guster, Dropkick Murphys, Default, DMX and others. They have been melting faces ever since, just like every other band that says they melt faces, because let's face it, the sexy boys of the BTB are hot stuff. While pursuing their sure to be awesome musical career, they continue to play gigs and open mics at clubs in A-Town area and oddly enough can be easily tracked down if you listen for someone chanting D-M-X throughout the mean streets of Albany.

"Even their strongest songs would fit well into a yoga routine" says local press aficionado Lauren Levine. Many of their songs would "also work well in the stereotypical Final Fantasy genre... lending the music easily to dramatic cinematography found mostly in RPG video games." Those kind words don't even begin to sum up what the boys of the BTB are all about, which as I said before was about bringing people together. They have become what we like to refer to in the biz as a warm, cuddly blanket. Now here is how they met....

One day on Lollypop Lane, Benjamin Anderson was born. Forever after he became known as Ben Tyler- or more specifically, Ben Tyler Band. However with this name he needed a Tyler... I mean a Band, 'cause it just doesn't make sense to have your name be band and not have one. So anyway "There he was just a' walkin' down the street" and he met Ward(izzle). Ward had an axe to grind, and could play guitar pretty good (well).

Then there was this really annoying kid who writes blogs for a living (or so it seems). He also spends 26 hours a day thinking about creative ways to get the fools at Fueled by Ramen's attention- that ma' effa' is obsessed with them. And you know what else? His name was (is?-Man this tense is EFFED) rilez (or so he tricked everyone into thinking was his name). He was jumping around playing bass so Ben was like "I have a show in 4 days do you think you could learn 73 songs by tomorrow?" This kid was pretty sweet so he said "Hells yeah I can!" Then they had a drummer but just for one show, so they got a permanent one who breaks a lot of sticks. Man this kids name was Stan and he used to sell mortgages until he became a rock star. [/end]


Ben Tyler
Looking Glass Self (2003)
The Red States vs The Blue States (2004)
Forget Everything You've Learned EP (2006)
Lock Up Your Daughters (Full Length- 2007/2008)

Set List

Me, Anything
Jimmy Says
Fall the Faster
Down on Me
The Sailor
Alice Liddel

The Darkness- I Believe in A Thing Called Love
Chuck Berry- Johnny B. Goode
The Foo Fighters- My Hero
Andre 3000- Hey Ya

We can play single sets of 30 minutes up to one and a half hours- or do two sets ranging from 45 minutes-1 hour each.