Ben Usher

Ben Usher


Cutting edge music from the depths of the soul. This music reaks of originality and screams to be listened to.


Search no further, for it is Dead West that defines us as brothers and sisters. Cutting edge music from the depths of the soul. This music reaks of originality and screams to be listened to.

Homegrown in the northern tip of Idaho and influenced heavily by the Seattle grunge scene, Ben Usher brings his own brand of soul searing lyrics and guitar riffs to the front lines. Tackling topics of controversy and personal demons, his music makes tangible that which many of us can relate to.

Ben was recently showcased at the Hard Rock Cafe in Key West, FL and demonstrated that for a city saturated with music, Key West is missing one key element: originality. The show at the Hard Rock opened the ears and minds of those in attendance and created a core following that will undoubtedly grow to include countless scores of fans.

His music is available at CD, Sam Goody (in Key West), and most pay-to-play download sites (NewNapster, Imac Itunes, Rhapsody, etc.) via CD Baby's Digital Distribution Program.




Written By: Ben Usher

Seasons come and seasons go.
Why don't they ever stay?
I needed the sun and I needed the rain
And a place to feel safe, so I hid in your shade.
Did you know I was there?
You seemed so willing to share
Or did you even care?
Well, I'm falling back again
Without you here I'm in the open
And even though I run scared
And the walls are closing in
You know I'm strong enough to leave the den
Lessons come and lessons go.
That's what the wise men say.
Questions to answers with no answers to questions.
What would you say?
Would you get down and pray?
Or would you say He wasn't there and that He seemed so unfair?
Or that He didn't care?
So let me go when the wind blows and help me to feel free
And draw me out into the sea and do with me as you please


Written By: Ben Usher

I gotta gun, I gotta god, I gotta gun
Yeah, I gotta gun, I gotta god, I gotta gun (x2)
Put it up to your head and pull the trigger
Sacrifice Jesus Christ, time to deliver
You can't deny he allowed his soul to bleed
I can deal with anything as long as I can deal with you
Prisoner --- spiked to a cross
Believer --- accept the loss
I gotta gun, I gotta got, I gotta gun
Yeah, I gott a gun, I got a god, I gotta gun (x2)
Locked up, your mind believes he's dead
Replace those lies with truth instead
Fear not, release his death for your sins
Too weak to be your own man and not his
Prisoner --- spiked to a cross
Believer --- accept the loss
Prisoner --- you keep Him there
Believer --- what do you care?
I want my license back on life now
I feel much better off without you
I feel much better off without you and
All the crazy shit you put me through
Cause I'd feel much better off without you, without you, out you, without you
Let go, let go, let go of your King
Wake up, wake up, wake up from your dream
Let go, let go, let go of your King
Wake up, wake up, wake up.

Time Clock

Written By: Ben Usher

Every night on the news you can see such trivial things,
Like how a business owner cheated a man out of 45cents change
And every morning in the mirror you can see it on your face
How you're working to live, not living to work
Do you need a change of pace?
You work so much that you didn't even notice that the last time you were home
Your wife was gone and the fridge was empty and your kids had all left home
The clock stopped ticking, but your boss keeps checking just to make sure you're there
Cause when he goes home, he's alone too, cause he didn't have time to share
We've gotta take matters into our own hands
And we've gotta be the ones to stand up and demand
That we're not gonna sit back and take anymore
Cause the rich keep gettin' richer while the poor keep stayin' poor
How long has it been?
Do you know how many years?
How many nights have you spent down at the bar and how many beers?
The bar is full, but it always seems empty and the only ones who cared
Left long ago 'cause they all knew that you didn't have time to spare
Kids don't understand that you gotta work to put food on the table
You were crying inside just to share some time, but you were unable.
So what would you say and what would you do,
If you looked back at your wasted time staring right back at you?
Would you seize the moment and start living for the day?
Or would you start to cry? Shudder a sigh? It's too late.
It's time to take it back
What's yours
It's time to take it back
It's time we take it all back.


Debut album: Dead West (c)2003 Ben Usher

Tracks "Levelheaded" and "Prisoner" are receiving airplay at 107.1, Key West, FL.

Set List

1. Powerless
2. Prisoner
3. Time Clock
4. Ascension
5. Levelheaded
6. It's What She Wants
7. Killin' Machines
8. Social Reformatory
9. Come Clean
10. Deconstructing God
11. In This Hole
12. Redhanded

Songs are from Dead West (c)2003 Ben Usher.

Live performance also incorporates an acoustic set of 45 minutes if necessary.

Set lengths are 45 min. of original material only.