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San Francisco, California, United States | SELF

San Francisco, California, United States | SELF
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"Benvenue's Hollywood Gig"

Last Friday night, I had the privilege of seeing Benvenue perform at On the Rox on Sunset Boulevard. I had never heard a single song by Benvenue before so I had no idea what to expect but the best way to experience a band for your 1st time is by seeing them perform live. It's the true test of an artist's talent. Benvenue passed that test with flying colors!

If I had to make a comparison, I'd say Benvenue is like Incubus meets Rage Against the Machine but, despite the similarities, Benvenue definitely has a unique sound that's all their own.

It also doesn't hurt that they're a bunch of hotties! Between Sid's sexy handlebar mustache & Fran's bulging biceps, it was tough to always stay focused on the music Friday night but it wasn't an entirely unwelcome distraction ;-)

There was no escaping the obvious fact that Benvenue brought the house down in Hollywood! The crowd went nuts! Unfortunately, the venue's strict cut-off time prevented Benvenue from giving their audience the encore they demanded but it never hurts to leave the fans begging for more.

"Benvenue Releases New Album Jean Elizabeth"

Melodic hard rock group BENVENUE–which Campus Circle labeled “…definitely a band to keep on eye on.” (7/27/09)–just self-released their new EP JEAN ELIZABETH on October 5, segueing from staggering riffs into soaring melodies without ever breaking stride.

On Jean Elizabeth, the San Francisco quartet conjures hard-hitting grooves and anthemic hooks, paving the way for an undeniable sound. Tracks like “She Did” roll with rumbling rhythms, while “21/8? meanders from incendiary to infectious. Sid Slater’s intricate fretwork nods to mind-bending modern metal, while Francis Blay’s voice hypnotizes on “No Way.” Drummer Moon and bassist Tommy Aldo Sonin build an unbreakable foundation, and Benvenue stands formidable with every note.


"Benvenue: Live Review"

July 31st 2010, Viper Room, Hollywood CA: We arrived at the Viper Room to witness the performance of Benvenue, a band based out of Berkley California. In support of their new EP, Benvenue drew out a lot of fans and friends for an exclusive intimate performance, which brought out a lot of energy and enthusiasm. These alternative metallers showed Los Angeles a performance not to forget. This band definitely had a great deal of integrity going on in their music, combining elements such as Incubus with real melodic tones, cords and hard heavy riffs similar to Rage Against The Machine. Benvenue don't care for the local trends and their creative efforts are extremely rare and powerful. The last note we would like to add is, you can appreciate the tremendous musicianship and professionalism this band maintains, and from what we could say, these guys will go far. Their performance was really amazing. Vocalist Francis pumped the crowd with such energy and they would also dance on stage and were interacting with them as a band. The crowd was really feeling their performances as there was a good crowd of people cheering for them and feeling the music. Followed by the new bassist Tommy Sonin who just recently joined the band 3 months ago and previously performed in LA. The band had lyrics we can all relate to about everyday life, and couldn't help it but to really listen to the music and feel the vibe. Benvenue are a promising band that we will definitely see in the future and we definitely recommend this band.


In their official bio, San Francisco rockers BENVENUE liken their sound to RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE and INCUBUS, and while the former is a little bit of a stretch, the influence of the latter shines heavily on their debut release, JEAN ELIZABETH.

Self-released last week, the record is being touted as an EP, but with 11 tracks it's easily a full album's worth of heavy melodic rock.

While the intro riff of "Here's to You" does recall a little of that Tom Morello-esque funk, the entire record drips of S.C.I.E.N.C.E.-era Incubus, right down to the production style, which sounds a lot like a host of So-Cal bands in the late 90's/early 2000's. Despite the similarity in sound, JEAN ELIZABETH is a damn good record.

"21/8" brings powerful choruses and layered guitars that immediately capture your ears before throwing down a bit of jazz/fusion breaks."No Way" contains a lot of breathing room on the verses, but when the band hits the chorus, once again they sound huge. "Be Your Own" is a full-on rock assault that does non-stop from beginning to end. Where BENVENUE could improve is by clipping their tendency to do frilly "clean" intros on a few songs before bringing the rock, but that's more of a personal quip than detriment.

Listening to this with headphones on, it becomes apparent that these guys can really play. Guitarist SID SLATER, Bassist TOMMY ALDO SONIN, and drummer "MOON" lock in a multi-genre sound that easily makes way for FRANCIS BLAY's incredible voice. - Kik Axe Music


San Francisco based Benvenue debut EP (that would be extended play people, because there are really only eight songs out of 11 tracks) Jean Elizabeth at its best moments sounds like the much underrated Samiam (Samiam was pre Foo Fighters… ya dig)? With some nice touches of Living Colour thanks to the fantastic Bass player Mr. Tommy Aldo Sonin. Calling Benvenue metal in any capacity does them and the metal community a disservice, they are alternative hard rock… nuff said on that deal. There are some big nasty guitar hooks on some of the tracks but where Sid Slater really shines on guitar is on the more moody psychedelic meandering he peppers this record with. Moon on drums, sounds nothing like Keith Moon so don’t worry. Moon is good with this unit because he has a nice post punk feel that gives this music a nice tight hit. Francis Blay is the singer and he is very strong and very good. Most importantly for me is I really get the sense that Blay and the rest of Benvenue get actual joy from the music they play it’s very apparent on these recordings and I am looking forward to catching these kids live if I get the chance. If you wan’t a really good intro to this new band go to I-tunes and buy Here’s To You, 21/8, No Way, She Did and Come with me (for a little of the mellow after the rock storm). She Did is the obvious single but for my money it’s all about No Way. No way? Way. In truth Jean Elizabeth is very well produced, however I think this is one of the few bands I have heard in the last few years that could carry off the super produced record. The only slight misstep for me is the kinda boring acoustic version of Dark Streets, I like acoustic songs but there has to be a point to them and this one doesn’t go anywhere and the production is blah. I think these guys have a really good shot of building a fan base. I really like this band and I will be keeping tabs on them. What’s up with the bay area putting out the best music in 2010?

3.5 (out of 5)


- Real Rock Report

"Benvenue @ the Someday Lounge 10/22/10"

Last night I had the pleasure of shooting pics of a band called Benvenue at the Someday Lounge in Portland. In my view, they are a Melodic, Heavy Grooving, rock band. If I had describe what band they sound like, I'd say some of their songs have an Incubus flavor. This is definitely a band to follow, and check out next time they come through your town. Here is a link to their website You can hear them for yourself and see what I mean.

After the show I went backstage to meet the members of the band. They were very appreciative of having Metal Daze there to take pictures for our site. However, I was really the one who felt appreciative. This was a really great group of guys. You could tell they were an incredibly tight group of friends. They were genuinely down to earth and personable. A total pleasure to meet them and grab a pic with them. The next time they come through Portland, there is no doubt in my mind that I'd pay to see them. It would be worth every penny!






Melodic hard rock group BENVENUE--which Campus Circle labeled “…definitely a band to keep on eye on.” (7/27/09)--is gearing up for the October 5 release of JEAN ELIZABETH, the band’s self-released EP. Seamlessly blending rock, metal and alternative with crunching guitars and soaring vocals, the disc includes four previously available tracks re-recorded and mixed--including the first single “She Did”--and two new songs, “No Way” and “Be Your Own.”

In a recent live review from a performance at Los Angeles’ Viper Room, Erik Cameron of raved, “These alternative metallers showed Los Angeles a performance not to forget. This band definitely had a great deal of integrity going on in their music, combining elements such as Incubus with real melodic tones, chords and hard heavy riffs similar to Rage Against The Machine. Benvenue don't care for the local trends and their creative efforts are extremely rare and powerful…you can appreciate the tremendous musicianship and professionalism this band maintains, and from what we could say, these guys will go far. Their performance was really amazing.” (8/4/10)

The Berkeley quartet--FRANCIS BLAY (vocals), SID SLATER (guitar, vocals), TOMMY ALDO SONIN (bass) and MOON (drums)--are really excited about the new material as it reflects the maturity and growth of the band. “The new EP is an exciting adventure that plays in many of our lives,” explains BLAY. “We went through the process of trying to make songs that are meaningful to oneself but also hopefully touch every person that listens to Benvenue.” He adds: “It's amazing how you can write a song three years ago and it some how paints a picture of things you are going through now in life. The power of music and lyrics can take you to a point in life you want to forget but reminds you of how far you have come.”

One of the new songs, “No Way,” is a vortex of emotions, deep, dark and angry. Written during a break-up, the rollercoaster of emotions SLATER felt was shifted into song. The weighty intro captures you immediately and glides you into the melodic guitar, combined into a semi-mysterious, ethereal way of painting feelings as a scene. With “Be Your Own” BENVENUE brings out their heavy metal side with hard-hitting, high-energy throughout. This has quickly become a fan favorite at shows and one of BENVENUE’s favorite tracks to perform live. The band will get another chance to showcase the new material on October 22 at the Someday Lounge in Portland, OR.

All of the members of BENVENUE come from different backgrounds which brings a unique quality to the music and the live experience for the fans. Influenced by hip-hop, rock, drum and bass, alternative and jazz, BENVENUE's sound connects to many listeners. They don't fit into the typical rock mold…but that's what defines BENVENUE.

For more information on BENVENUE, please contact:
Angela Villanueva/MSO 818-380-0400 x232

- Mitch Schneider Organization

"Benvenue: The Jean Elizabeth EP"

Fess up. Who here likes Incubus but is getting kind of tired of how commercial their sound is? Then let me introduce you to Benvenue.

This NorCal band has a sound like a more metal, less polished version of Incubus circa 2000 and amazingly enough, they’re definitely not Incubus 2.0 like Hoobas-tank. Benvenue seems to have a better sense of who they are, and they seem to want to take their music in a more metal direction with some post-hardcore style lyrics thrown in for good measure.

They’ve put out a good effort, with songs that range from rock out guitar show-cases (“She Did”) to slower songs to get your girlfriend hooked (“Come With Me”). Their EP would benefit from a little polishing around the edges, but this is definitely a band to keep on eye on.

Grade: A-
- Campus Circle


Jean Elizabeth



BENVENUE [pronounced, Ben-vuh-new] planted its roots in 2004 when Francis Blay (vocals)
and Sid Slater (guitar) started writing songs together in Sid's Berkeley, CA apartment where they
met while attending UC Berkeley. After the two moved to LA to experience something new, they
moved back to Nor Cal, making it home. The band officially came together in 2008 when Moon
(drums), a childhood friend, joined in on a jam session with Fran and Sid; Tommy Aldo Sonin
completed the quartet in 2010.

Self-Categorized as melodic hard rock, James Zahn from Kik Axe Music said about their debut release: “Jean Elizabeth is a
damn good record.”