Ben Ward

Ben Ward

 Astoria, New York, USA

More than anything, I love God and His presence -- I love to worship Him. I also love remarkable songs, riveting singers, and extraordinary players. I'm on a journey to climb these heights with my music. I receive music as a gift and, in turn, give that gift away to all who listen.


As is often the life of a musician, I have worn many hats. From songwriter to singer to player to teacher to worship leader, my journey so far has been varied and full. I grew up singing in church and school and fell in love with all types of music from classical to top 40 to musical theater. I started playing guitar and piano because I wanted to accompany myself singing and I started writing because I wanted my very own songs to sing.

I went to the University of Alabama and studied classical music (and met my lovely opera singer wife, Olivia) and then went to Berklee College of Music to study what had become such a part of who I was – songwriting. I was honored to receive several awards while in Boston including the Vince Gill award and the BMI Foundation’s John Lennon award.

I spent almost six years in Nashville writing and learning the art of musical collaboration. I made an independent country album, “State I’m In,” and wrote in many genres including country, pop, rock, and contemporary Christian. As of Autumn 2008, I am in New York City soaking up the fabric that is already finding its way into my music. I’m excited to see what comes next.


Hard to Believe

Written By: Ben Ward

Why don’t I believe You
Why, You never fail
You always answer
So many stories I could tell
But the train runs Your schedule
Keeping perfect time
That’s what always kills me
I get restless, flying blind

You heal
You provide
You speak
And the fear inside me dies
You rescue
You protect
You orchestrate
And lives intersect
You’re everything I need
So why, every once-in-a-while
Is it so hard to believe?

You tell me, “Keep on asking”
Ask, seek, knock
I know You want to bless me
But my heart is solid rock
Could You plan some excavating
Digging out my doubt
Replacing it with faith
So I can trust my way out


Instead of trusting I keep trying
Run in place, forget the timing
Circumstance and speculation
Keep me in the dark
But Your lamp keeps shining
Illuminating shadows in my heart



Written By: Ben Ward / Chris Roberts

Sarah said she'd been clean now for five long years
She'd done her best to dry her children's tears
She has seen what it takes to make fire and rain
And she has come to believe in grace
She has come to believe in mercy
To believe in love
She believes in miracles

They hadn't said more than hello in ten long years
But today they gave their baby girl away
And holding hands they pray together their wounds would heal
And they might come to believe in grace
Come to believe in mercy
And to believe in love
Maybe even miracles

Here I am in this pouring rain
Standing outside the church doors again
All out of answers
I put down my pride and walk in

And I have come to believe in grace
I have come to believe in mercy
And to believe in love
I have come to believe in grace
I have come to believe in mercy
And to believe in love
Even miracles

11 Years

Written By: Ben Ward

Well, it's 8 months 'til 11 years
Windows down, we're driving round
The streets of New York City
Love song on the radio
Autumn air blowing through your hair
And I'm just glad you're with me
Dreaming, hoping, wishing
Just another day on the way
To one more year with you

Well, it's 8 weeks 'til 11 years
Relentless rain and train delays
Make the mornings harder
Got to get to work on time
Just to survive, but you help us find
The beauty in just starting over
Reaching, going farther
Another day on the way
To one more year with you

One more year
How fast it disappears
The fabric's part
Of everything we are
The rhythm in our restless hearts

Well, it's 8 days 'til 11 years
You're reading books, I'm stealing looks
The clock strikes half past ten
We got it back that first year
Tell me how I love you now
Even more than then
Let's keep making moments like the one we're in
Just another day on the way
To one more year with you


State I'm In - 2005

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I do original music with an occasional cover. I lead worship as well as tell stories with my songs.