Ben Warren

Ben Warren


Ben Warren creates fiery pop-rock from New York City and merges genres with his superb pop sensibilities. Now with a cult following Ben attracts enthusiastic audiences from all over the world.


Ben Warren was a member of legendary NYC groups 'Whats Up' (with Jason Paige and Caleb Sherman) and 'Flies of the Marketplace', each project meeting with enough New York City success to earn ecstatic cult-followings. He is now a solo artist with albums "Famous", "Manifest Destiny" and "Dead at Disneyland" under his belf. He has established himself as one of the most skilled artists in alternative pop today and ranks among the most respected singer songwriters in the game--garnering national recognition by covering multi-platinum artist Eric B and Rakim's song, "Microphone Fiend," on "Famous." Ben Warren is an intelligent wordsmith who has the knack for bridging the gaps between alt-pop fans of all types. With the respect of his colleagues and his alt-pop fans around the world, his new CD "Dead at Disneyland" will surely be a favorite. Warren states, "For this I know: I am Ben Warren. I am a songwriter. I live in NYC. I try to probe the world's tendencies and bring my fans back positivity with some flair and a twist of lemon, anyone out there like a martini?"


heart in artifice

Written By: ben warren

Stone Cold Daddy

Who forgot to bless me?
In emotion ability
The tin man and me
The wizard we’re off to see
Not much left to me
You can’t get to me
I turned a romance
Into a tragedy
Where is the male lead?
We need him for a scene
Locked in his room - Deliberating
I’m your stone cold daddy of love
I’m your salvation from above
A conscious clean as a slate
No emotions in the way
Your waiting on me
to come set you free
first take me to see
the wizard for my disease
no ability - vulnerability
i stop the feeling or the feeling stops me
when you fell in me
in this well in me
there was a heartbeat now it’s fading
I’m your stone cold daddy of love
I’m your salvation from above
A conscious clear as a slate
No emotions in the way

Art in Artifice

What a peculiar place to be
I should have bought ‘This Business of Music’
It never did come easily
Making a habit of self-promotion
It looks shiny but it’s not free
And it can be so cold
Make music to make money
What a miraculous act of devotion
Too indifferent to feel guilty
Ahh now that’s something that I can subscribe to
Write a simple melody
Something to rhyme with cheese
I put the heart in artifice


Ben Warren FAMOUS

Tracks "The Long Grift" and "God is a Girl" are receiving streaming airplay on iTunes Europe

"Hail To The Chief", "Maggies Farm", and "War" from the album "Manifest Destiny" are being streamed on Rhapsody, Ruckus, and Napster.

Set List

12 song set-45 minutes long