Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson


Posessed by the spirits of John Prine & Bob Dylan, Ben haunts the high school halls of 'old school' Folk/Rock. Bringing humor, poignancy, and liberal ideas to an onslaught of 2-and-a-half minute songs. With a guitar, harmonica, and a witty tongue, you can be sure to enjoy Ben's live shows!


Ahh, Ben Wilson….a Folk/Rock/Americana singin’, beer-brewin’, animal lovin’, sushi eatin’, Bigfoot viewin’, Simpsons watchin’, art appreciatin’, political advocatin’, Scrabble winnin’, coffee drinkin’, ukelele playin’, bicycle ridin’, National Geographic readin’ kinda guy. Take these activities and throw in three or four simple chords, and da tada da! (trumpet fanfare) The songwriting genius of Ben Wilson.

Ben Wilson was born John Lennon McCartney Dylan Jagger Cash Jr. but changed his name to differentiate himself in the music biz. “I wanted my name to stand by itself instead of being labeled as a knock-off. But if people confuse me with Brian Wilson, that’s okay. I don’t know how to surf anyway.” But seriously…Growing up in the town of Elkton, KY (pop.2000) made for a perfect environment for songwriting. Living out in a tree-smitten area of small-town-America proved to evoke great emotional desire for bigger things without forgetting the simple things in life. Ben moved to Clarksville, TN and hit the local music scene receiving kudos for his nightly performances. Showcasing his award-winning originals as well as Dylan, Neil Young, and Beatles tunes keep the crowds coming back. Between Ben’s 200 plus originals and thousands of covers, folks never have to get bored listening to the same old songs night after night. “My songs are quirky at best. I try to make fun of all religions, political parties, sexual deviations, and rednecks without offending anyone and with everybody having a good time.” Quirky, yes. Commercial, no. Ben writes about zombies, hibachi grills, the Loch Ness Monster, pornographers, Hula girls, zebra herds, etc. Not your everyday average topics and definitely not over-produced-sounds-like-everybody-else drivel.

Goals? Ahh, yes, goals. A record deal with a major label with Ben having 100% creative control. Yeah, who doesn’t want that? Reality: To tour throughout the country at notable Folk music venues/ famed coffeehouses/ historic bars, to have his music available in all 50 states (even Mississippi) and radio airplay across America; to make enough to get by and share his musical contributions with his peers and to have respect from fellow musicians.


Hula Girl

Written By: Ben Wilson

Took out a loan
To buy a tank of gas
Found a bumpy road
So we could be alone at last

Wanna see you shake and jiggle
It’s all part of my fantasy

I’m in love with you my Hula Girl
In the middle of my dashboard world
Traffic islands, tilt-a-whirl
Fuzzy dice I don’t prefer
In my (gas guzzling) SUV

Your plastic smile
It’s like its set in stone
You fingers frozen
In a ukelele strum

You’re the queen of all Hawaii
But we’re stuck in Tennessee

I’ve had to let you go
The Sun melted you away
So I bid farewell
Aloha, with a leigh

I’m gonna fly to Honolulu
And leave behind my sport utility

Bob Ross Indefinitely (Fro-man #'s 13 and 46)

Written By: Ben Wilson

public television, made it possible for you to see
happy clouds and friendly trees
painted on a canvas
a natural paradise

if nature is religion, maybe we all should care
if there is a heaven, I'm sure Bob Ross is there

with the stroke of a hand, he can make a mountain exist
with lazy little daisies, and a violet's bliss
Cadmium Yellow and Van Dyke Brown
and Crimson Red are a sunset's pal

an oil-based lake in wintertime, shimmers like a star
you could wish that anytime, you'd rather be there than where you are
if you prefer a dirt path to streets of gold
you can get a copy of this episode

Bosco the Wonderdog

Written By: Ben Wilson

Bosco the Wonderdog
he's the wonderfullest of them all
Bosco the Wonderdog
he's not a hog, he's a dog

he'd lick his balls but we cut them off
he can sit and beg
you can call him but he won't come
he's busy humping someone's leg

Bosco the Wonderdog
he's the wonderfullest of them all
Bosco the Wonderdog
he's not a hog, he's a dog

he's pissin' on the floor, pissin' on the floor, pissin' on the floor, pissin' on the floor

bad Bosco, bad dog, bad Bosco the Wonderdog


Ben puts out new crap all the time. Right now, CD's are only available at live shows....

Set List

Shows consist of 50% originals, 50% covers
An ever-changing line-up of Dylan, Beatles, Neil Young, Tom Petty, James Taylor, Lyle Lovett, John Prine, various 70's acts, and of course Ben Wilson