Ben Wright Smith

Ben Wright Smith


Ben Wright Smith & his band have opening eyes and dropping jaws recently with what could only be described as a genre-bending act. Think of a budding singer songwriter meeting a band of country swamp rats peeking into the window of Sun records.


Ben Wright Smith (born November 12, 1988) is an Australian singer-songwriter and musician. Ben’s music combines styles such as folk, blues, jazz & Rock and Roll; his lyrics are often allegorical & surreal.

While performing live he is often joined by a band consisting of Toby Bender (Drums and Percussion), Daniel Spiers (Upright Bass), Esther Holt (Piano Vocals) and Multi-instrumentalist Jesse Wil...liams (Piano, Organ, Guitar & Piano Accordion).

"These lads can play...shaggy haired smith has a raspy character in his voice that echoes Bob Dylan at his best.." - Warwick Goodman; Beat Magazine

"It’s a rare treat to see such a talented young song writer" - Hannah Joyner; Tonedeaf

" ...take a journey with him through tales of Spanish gypsies, moonlight bandits, thieving gangs, outlaws, sultry affairs and forbidden women. His songs, which have an upbeat folky appeal, are bathed in sensuality and soul. Flirtatious lyrics are matched with a Spanish flair, enabling an eclectic mix of blues, jazz, rock and roll and folk..." - Beaute De La Muse (Blog)


Benny 'The Kid' & Other Moonlight Ballads EP (November 2010)
Independence Day Blues LP (November 2011)
Been Thinkin' About You & 15th Century Chinese Pigtail Blues Double A Side Single (September 2011)

Set List

Our set lists change every time we play. We like to play through quite a large catalogue of material and make every gig a different experience.