Indie-acoustic roots & soul power duo. Strong, passionate singing; rich vocal harmonies & honest, unique, well-crafted songs. Biggest sounding acoustic duo you've heard. 2 handsome men sing & play nylon guitar, upright bass, kick drum, hi-hat, shaker & harmonica all simultaneously & loops!


Benyaro is the indie-acoustic soul, roots and folk power duo out of New York City and Jackson Hole, WY who've drawn comparisons to The Band, The Avett Brothers, acoustic David Bowie and Cat Stevens in RELIX magazine and Nashville SCENE, among others.

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In 2012, Benyaro released THE COVER EP which has been charting on CMJ, AAA and Americana stations across the country (WNCW, KRVX, WKDU, KDHX, full list below) since July and earning multiple spins on ACOUSTIC CAFE (of Ann Arbor, MI & synicated to 90+ radio stations, weekly), and numerous AAA / CMJ / Americana radio stations and podcasts across the country for their acoustic covers of ETTA JAMES, MOBY, SAM COOKE and others. Also in 2012, Benyaro performed 4 showcases at SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL, 5 unofficial showcases at SXSW, at BIG SKY BIG GRASS and toured extensively in the west (San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Denver 2xs each) and in the east (St. Louis, Nashville, Charleston, NYC, Philly and DC). Their original music has been featured on TV (The Golf Channel) this November in a series called "Our Longest Drive" ( An independent film of same name and style has also been cut and features Benyaro's music. Benyaro SUPPORTED NICKI BLUHM & THE GRAMBLERS (3 times), LANGHORNE SLIM, JESSICA LEA MAYFIELD, and ROBERT RANDOLPH & THE FAMILY BAND across the Rockies and Northern CA this summer. Benyaro will support The Infamous Stringdusters twice this February and has been offered 5 tentative dates with SHOVELS & ROPE this spring.

In 2011, Benyaro supported Anders Osborne twice, The Stone Foxes twice, Dangermuffin 3xs, Abigail Washburn and Kai Welch, Shovels and Rope, Tony Furtado, Sahara Smith, The Farewell Drifters, Reed Foehl, Monophonics and closed for Brett Dennen. In the past 2 years they have shared the stage with The Avett Brothers, Jill Andrews, Samantha Crain, Gregory Alan Isakov, Danielle ate the Sandwich, Malcolm Holcombe, Michael Daves and many other great acts.

What radio is saying about Benyaro's THE COVER EP (2012)...

"The Cover EP is like an archeological expedition where Benyaro unearths the bones of our musical past, both well-known and forgotten, bringing them back to light in their most essential form. The duo not only does justice to these songs, but also gives them new life."

-Joe Kendrick, WNCW 88.7 FM (Spindale/Boone/Charlotte, NC)

"Bold acoustic arrangements of familiar (& not so familiar) tunes done with such panache it makes you re-think the originals."

-Gary Dickerson, WRFL 88.1 FM (Lexington, KY)

"Soulful and inventive interpretations of some of the greatest songs ever written! Whether it's Sam Cooke or Moby, Benyaro brings their unique spin to their versions on THE COVER EP "

-Rob Reinhardt, Acoustic Cafe producer (Ann Arbor, MI)

“Benyaro’s new COVER EP delivers an interesting selection of songs with a distinct sound of clarity, soul and passion.”

-Grady Kirkpatrick, Wyoming Public Radio

"On THE COVER EP, Benyaro masterfully recreates six momentous songs, each invigorated by the band's vocal and musical style. While keeping the mood of the originals, Benyaro also put themselves forward, making this one of the most successful cover albums of the year."

Chenoa Roseberry, Somewhere in Texas Radio - KISU 91.1 FM (Pocatello, ID)

List of stations reporting spins of THE COVER EP since July 2012

Acoustic Cafe - Ann Arbor, MI (syndicated to 90+ stations each week) -
CHMR - St. John's, Canada -
KAFM - Grand Junction, CO -
KAOS - Olympia, WA -
KBRP - Bisbee, AZ -
KDHX - St. Louis, MO -
KHOL - Jackson, WY -
KMHD2 - Gresham, OR -
KMTN - Jackson, WY -
KNOM - Nome, AK -
KOPN - Columbia, MO -
KRCB - Rohnert Park, CA (Freight Train Boogie) -
KRVB - Boise, ID -
KRVX - Austin, TX -
KRZA - Alamosa, CO -
KUWJ - WY Public radio (across WY) -
KWCR - Ogden, UT -
KWMR - Pt. Reyes Station, CA -
KZMU - Moab, UT -
NVWR - Reno, NV -
RLC - Piscataway, NJ -
WBWC - Berea, OH -
WERU -2 - East Orland, ME -
WGLS - Glassboro, NJ -
WKDU - Philadelphia, PA -
WMNF - Tampa, FL -
WMUA - Amherst, MA - no website
WNCW - Spindale, NC -
WRFL -1 - Lexington, KY -
WRKC - Wilkes-Barre, PA -
WTCC - Springfield, MA -

RELIX magazine features Benyaro as an "On the Verge" artist in their Jan/Feb 20


Feelin' Low

Written By: Ben Musser

When I’m standin’
Up on the mountain
Looking down
I see the brightest stars above

When I’m standin’
On top of the mountain
Lord I can feel
I feel the right kind of love

The kind of love
That you feel when you’re alone
And you know that it’s all there
When you’re feelin’ low
Just look up in the sky
And lo, and behold

When we’re standin’
Looking down on the town below
and I can squeeze you
I know the best is yet to come

When we’re laying
‘Round on the mountain
Lord, now come on baby
You gotta give me all your love

The kind of love
When you know you ain’t alone
Your heart’s completely theirs
When you’re feelin’ low
Look into her eyes and lo….and behold

When you’re feelin’ low
Look into her eyes and lo….and behold

Bullet-Like Belief

Written By: Scott Claassen

where will our perfect bodies go
when you’re down with me in the ground
and all the faces that we’ve known
have wilted, burnt, or been cut down
where will you go?
Where will you go?

When our youthful colors fade
And our great rambling days must end
Don’t let the failures of your days
Replace the time we’ve shared, my friend
When you are down
When you are down

I believe
In you, brother
Ain’t nobody
Gonna’ change that now

I believe
In you, buddy
Ain’t no one
Gonna’ slow this bull(et) train down

When I have nothing more to say
Please help me lay this paper down
And have the strength to step away
(to/and) hear some beauty in that sound
when I am down
when I am down

I believe
In you, brother
Ain’t nobody
Gonna’ change that now

I believe
In you, buddy
Ain’t no one
Gonna’ slow this bull(et) train down

Time for Yourself

Written By: Ben Musser

Spend some time with yourself
don't you need to...
Spend some time with yourself
don't you need, don't you need?

Know you'll always have that choice
when you need.
Running around with that voice,
soon you'll be, soon you'll be better.
So take some time for yourself,
when you need.

From far away I'll watch it burn,
but from my knees.
And the New York sun May warms,
we all need, we all need to feel better.
So take some time for yourself,
when you need.

Take some time for yourself
Take some time for yourself
Take some time for yourself


Written By: Ben Musser

We'd walk out in the rain
and the cold darkness wreaked
of your life just down the road

You're shivering like a boat
alone on the sea
but I still find the time for you and me

But patien(ts)ce are hard to hold
I'm a man of uncertainty
The smiles you brought were always so key

Been living like a dog for so damned long

You know it's time to go
when you even bring your mother down
you tired her out from hanging around

But deeper ends than most
you know she'd never do you no harm
and I hope to God she won't get this song

Been living like a dog for so damned long

They say his heart is all he's got
no body and no mind
But Sadie comes, the Bird goes, dressed in Rags

Been living like a dog for so damned long

They say he was my best friend.
How'd they know?


Written By: Ben Musser

You are just like me and I love you.
The possibilities have always plagued my mind.
But would I use up all your love and take for granted your kind?

And though my style on some fine girls cut and marked
I never meant you no harm
Now your future is brighter than the Austin sun.

I fall in love with everyone.
Fall in love with everyone.

Then I just gave up on what's up with the city
where I scrape by the days and sweat each penny
thank God for friends with class enough to bring me to you...
worth it was the pain I slept through
get up, and lock up the tears
I tried everything I knew and learned over the years to burn out,
while you courted Cancer.

But you, you're not like me why do I love you?
Is it more than just you're eyes?
Or does it have to be when all I see is you are mine?

Now the twins have gone and hooked this fish is done.
And I can't fall in love with anyone.
Fall in love with anyone.


-The Cover EP, 2012
-Good Day Better, 2010
-Benyaro, 2008