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Benz B

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Brian Bailey also known as Benz B was born in Slidell,Louisiana and was raised in the violent neighbor hood known as he Sub in the early and mid 90\'s.He started doing music when he was only 10 years old inspired by his older cousin to start doing music.Benz has been involved in many local talent shows around Louisiana.Benz B was part of the local rap group known as the Coal-Blooded Corruptaz in the late 90\'s.Benz B now is finished with his debut album entitled \"Moment Of Truth\" Benz B cites Jay-z,Bone Thugs N Harmony,and 2pac as his influences in music.In 2005 Benz B was introduced to from fellow student at his high school and ever since then he has been a fan favorite and a major hit with a diverse group of people.He has received more than 95,000 plays and 50,000 profile views on myspace.50,000 views from a rapper from a small place in Louisiana called Slidell is huge.Benz B is also a very talented music producer and songwriter.He is known by many people in his area as "The Hook Man" for his incredible ability to create catchy,and brilliant hooks off of the top of his head within seconds of hearing a beat,which some consider to be the hardest part of the songwriting process.Songwriting is what separates Benz B from other rap artists.Alot of rappers can rap but struggle with creating songs that appeal to a majority of people and along with rapping and producing,that's what Benz B offers to the table


Smoke The Night Away

Set List

1.Smoke The Night Away 3 min 55 secs
2.Gettin Money 3 min 20 secs
3.When I see you 4 min 39 secs
4.Shawty 4 The Day 3 min 40 secs
5.Im Bout mine 4 min 26 secs