Alternative/Psycedelic/Space/Ambient rock blended with electronica such as trip-hop, drum n' bass, breakbeat, house. If bands were animals then in the animal kingdom of our band, Pink Floyd would have eaten Massive Attack, who then ate Doves, Squarepusher, Thievery Corporation, and Gorillaz.


It began in a bedroom...writing, recording, effecting, rearranging our collective imaginations...Christian, Brian, and (ex-)co-founder Mike Ortega spent many cigarette, pill-popped (where do you think we got our name from?) and alchohol fueled hours crafting music that we had really no intentions for...until we started surprising ourselves with time! to pull off a production oriented sound live for you?...well, we began figuring that one out (with much help from our earliest producer/drummer, Eric Helmuth, first-bassist Dan Haag, and the one and only Karibomb, our manager/den mother still), and began playing the usuals around New York, Boston, venturing out to DC...and musical fortune struck when we hit up Steve Bryant and Eiko Peck...I personally didn't care for Steve Bryant, thought him to be cocky and arrogant, but he was nasty on those drums, so I decided to grin and bear it, not glancing at his eyes that much...And then there were four!...Mike decided on a different path in life, and the band began subtle shows became more adventurous, we felt streamlined...singular in direction...and here we are!...many drunken, ecstatic, unbearable, hard fought, 'thumbs-to-wipe-a-tear' miles later, preparing our second album (it's gonna f..@king rock in a whole different way than our previous effort)...soon to be in a city near you, rocking you senseless, and we usually don't call you the next's how we roll...peace

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2003 - Bedroom ep
2004 - all the king's men featured on "Public Display of Affection" compilation out on Nettwerk Records
2005 - "Morning Stanzas" out on Stinky records
2006 - "Benzos Live" album to be released digitally
2007 - "Branches" to be released in early '07

Airplay across the country on stations such as: KCRW, WOXY, KROCK, etc.

Set List

Our set changes day to day, but incorporates songs from 2005's "Morning Stanzas" and now featuring songs that will be on our 2007 release, "Branches". We also improvise and remix our songs live, thus making each show unique.