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I Can't Stand the Pain
Bonny Baby Boy
Techno Junkey
Beaver in the Haunted House
Sophia and the Monkeyman



The Beoptamystic musical project began shortly before we moved to Portugal in 2004, it seemed the next logical step to take these ideas and half finished musical pieces and mould them into a finished coherent product (a revolutionary concept for us, 'finished').
We arrived in Portugal with all we could carry, at a community where Emma had been living on and off for the previous six months. The plan was to get away from the chaos of England and commune with nature.
We spent the best part of the next two years, writing, recording and living in a bender (a living structure much like a giant canvas igloo), surrounded by a veritable garden of Eden, overlooking a thirty kilometre lake; the serenity was occasionally punctured by forest fires, screaming neighbours and on one occasion a swat team of armed police, (not knowing the words for 'don't shoot' in Portuguese we simply raised our hands and surrendered), fortunately we were completely innocent, this helped them relax and for the most part the experience turned into a farcical comedy, believe me when I say a pair of stripy hippy tights aligned with a loving heart could disarm the most heavily armed man, that and a good 'Om'.
Slowly but surely we pieced together material and upgrading our equipment, as we earned money from busking.
The song 'Maria' was inspired by hitch- hiking in Portugal, and being protected from oncoming traffic and crazy drivers by the good mother on the dash board..

Following some otherworldly intervention and a missing laptop, we found ourselves camped 7,500 feet up mount Shasta in northern California (my advice to anyone wherever you are, whoever you are, is to go there. Go now! Are you still here? What are you waiting for?)
Throughout the whole trip we felt guided, hitch hiking around California and meeting a cavalcade of enlightened open hearted clever and funny people.
One evening following the most amazing wind, a roaring that sounded like a massive landslide, the whole tent lit up with multi-coloured flashing lights. We both freaked out. I had the overwhelming feeling that 'they' were about to appear before us. At this point Mat was so afraid he managed to convince himself that the lights were from our mini 'mag' light, buried under a pile of dark clothes reflecting in the pitch black. It was only the next day when we met two Mexican women, who were enthusiastically talking about the lights coming down from the sky the previous night, according to the camp host, it happens all the time, along with the static electricity that shoot out of your fingers when you rub them along the side of the tent.
The spirit of this trip rejuvenated our enthusiasm for our musical project, new songs were appearing all the time, and old ones revamped.
After digesting our journey back in Portugal, one more song emerged, 'don't waste my time'.

Since returning to Britain, Beoptamystic have produced two videos,
Maria & Sophia and the Monkeyman.
The band are currently riding high in the Reverbnation Dance/Electronica chart, & preparing to release 5 songs through I-Tunes and Amazon at the beginning of March 2009
At presant Emma and Matt are producing two new videos in preperation for abusy year of gigs.