Jewish,Christian and Muslim musicians come together to create innovative music that crosses boundaries of genre and culture,focussing on a message of peace and using music to unite people. Combines World,Jazz and Classical music styles


“Music For The Heart�

Guitarist and Composer Mohammed Nazam founded
the new World/Jazz/Classical en-semble BERAKAH in summer 2005. Bringing together musicians of Jewish, Christian and Muslim heritage, Berakah is the first UK band of its kind. Featuring virtuoso musicians such as Nazam, classical violinist Serena Leader, Algerian percussion master Abdelkader Saadoun, the soulful vocals of Chantelle Duncan and TV/film composer Mark Hinton Stewart, Berakah brings audiences together through music, challenging cultural stereo-types, raising awareness, encouraging acceptance and building bridges.

Having success-fully toured the UK in 2007 the band are now looking to reach music audiences across the globe.

The word “Berakah�, meaning grace, blessings or forgiveness, is found in both Hebrew and Arabic and sums up the intent of the music perfectly. Each performance showcases dazzling interplay and deeply moving compositions with Jazz, Classical and Middle East-ern elements combining to create a memorable live experience.

Since their debut at the Respect Festival in 2005, Berakah have performed in such pres-tigious venues as The British Library, The British Museum, and a sold out show at St.Paul’s in Covent Garden. In 2007 they undertook a year-long tour of the UK (sponsored by the Arts Council) finishing with a sold out performance in Central London. The Times, in a feature on Berakah, said:

“It is music to make you close your eyes and dance in your head — an arresting confec-tion of jazzy improvisation, catchy Middle Eastern chords and the beat of the darabuka drum.�

The band was formed by Mohammed (Mo) Nazam, (who has played with The Jazz Warri-ors, Steve Williamson and Keith Waithe amongst others) with the aim of encouraging non-violence, peaceful co-existence, dialogue between people of differing faiths, raise aware-ness of common roots of the three main monotheistic faiths and the celebration of diver-sity. Berakah seeks to draw audiences from a variety of faiths, and music lovers generall, so we can can sit with each other and enjoy music in a spirit of togetherness.

Mo Nazam, founding member of Berakah said: ‘Berakah can be enjoyed on so many dif-ferent levels. Artistically, having such strong individual band members means that we can be adventurous musically and try out new things, whilst never losing sight of the feeling and intent behind Berakah’s musical vision, but philosophically as well we have a really important role to play in that we’re bringing meaning back to music, and making it matter again as a way of spreading positivity, rather than being just the soundtrack to the next big blockbuster of mobile phone ad. We are asking all people, whoever they are and whatever their beliefs, to support our message of good music and non-violence.’

Clips from their debut album “Music for the Heart� can be hear on their web-site at

Combining both powerful music and a meaningful philosophy Berakah are helping to make music a powerful force in society once again. Berakah truly make “Music for the Heart�.

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"Music for the Heart " album (10 tracks)

Set List

Typical sets are 2 x 45 mins , comprising 70% original material plus some choice covers that we re-arrange to suit our style.

Our music suits a theatre,sit-down venue more than a dance or club venue.