Beretta Grove

Beretta Grove


Beretta Grove is about creating music consisting of funky grooves, bluesy licks, jazzy timing and that hip hop flow to form that jelly you want to dance to.


Miami, Florida is where the four members of Beretta Grove call home and like Miami, a melting pot of different people and cultures, Beretta Grove is a melting pot of sound and genres fused together to create one sound that listeners from every decade and background can relate to.

The cornucopia of genres comes from the versatility and influences each member brings to the table. Even though the quartet had only came to be as of early 2012, it has already a great catalog of music consisting of funky grooves, bluesy licks, jazzy timing, and a dash of a hip hop flow that adds the final ingredient to make that jelly that makes you dance. So close your eyes open your ears and prepare for the fusion of sound that is Beretta Grove.


Beretta Grove - Dark Sessions