Berithen Berio

Berithen Berio


Chamber-folk lullabies, explosive electric delta blues, guitar, harp and drums come together to make a totally future/primitive sound. Draws as much from West African soul as from traditional American songwriting. As if Bach and Blind Willie Johnson ran into each other in the Sub-Sahara


BERITHEN BERIO is the music of guitarist/singer/songwriter Brad Barr, propelled by the tactile interplay with his brother, drummer Andrew Barr, and harpist Sarah Page. The strange and psychotropic trio formed shortly after the Barr brothers, who had played for years in the avant-rock trio The Slip, moved from their home in the Providence/Boston area to Montreal, where they met Sarah. She was Brad's neighbor, and he would hear her playing her harp through the wall. He started writing for the two instruments, and they began experimenting with overdriving the harp. The trio could as easily be compared to Leonard Cohen as to Ali Farka Tourre, as reminiscent of Joao Gilberto as Bukka White.

The songs and the arrangements of Berithen Berio are singular, universal, heavy and playful, obliging and explosive, sonically curious and lyrically diametric. Though rooted in American folk culture, the music reflects an understanding and reverence for the wider world of folk traditions, namely West Africa.


Debut coming soon

Set List

Beggar in the Morning(Hello I'm a Monster), Devil's Harp, Ooh Belle, Let There Be Horses, Just Can't Keep from Cryin, Old Mythologies, Deacon's Son, Give the Devil Back His Heart,