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Berlin Brides

Athens, Attica, Greece

Athens, Attica, Greece
Pop Electro


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Offset Festival, 2009"

"They're like CSS should have been on their second album, spiky and assertive and left-field but always primed to party" - Nemesis, UK

"Offset Festival- Saturday 5 September 2009"

Inside again we are treated to a superb performance from Berlin Brides, who actually hail from Athens, Greece. This predominantly female band specialise in an upbeat electronic punk-funk that has everyone dancing along in no time. These women are genuinely earthy and sexy, in a way that the prim gals from say, Ipso Facto, are not. The songs are often concerned with bedroom matters too, notably signature tune ‘Failure To Wank’ and the tale of the bi-sexual ‘Scooter Boy’. Tremendous, smutty fun. - Call Of The Wyld

"Offset Festival @ Hainault Forest, 5th-6th September 2009"

So what should right now be sounding like? Quite possibly the electronica of Greece’s Berlin Brides, a pleasant diversion from the stern, dour British feeling of the rest of the day in the New Bands tent. One part Yeah Yeah Yeahs, two parts Long Blondes and a truckfull of mid-90s europop, their glossy veneer is shattered by songs about failed celibacy and unsuccessful wanking, always an excellent accompaniment for dance music. They’d be a guilty pleasure if there was anything to feel guilty about, but thankfully the usual twee europop magic doesn’t deprive the band of its edge. They can later be seen by Hainault tube station discussing the merits of Haribo. Bosh. -, Mark Rowden

"In concert: Berlin Brides"

Berlin Brides is a synth-pop duo from Athens, Greece. They are amazing and extremely underrated. I think I might have a bias because I am pretty sure they are lesbians, and I love my lesbians, but seriously listen to them they are spectacular.

I saw them a few weeks ago during Indie Music Week [biggest joke ever], I went to two nights for this event and each night I was probably the only person there to see the bands, everyone else was there purely to perform or worked for a company. It was pathetic and a testament to lack of indie music appreciation in Toronto.

I digress, Berlin Brides came on last and I was pretty much the only person there other than this annoying photographer who kept standing in front of the stage. They came on and rocked it any how and were the band with the most energy of the night. I felt so bad for them for only performing to me but they seemed really nice and personable, and when they asked the small crowd if they had ever had problems getting themselves off, I declared in shock "No! Never!" without realizing they were targeting the female gender, she just looked at me and laughed.

Berlin Brides are cooler than cool and I will now present you with a crappy video by me because they do not have any music videos (Also, there debut album entitled 'Modern Celibacy' is out now):
- BrockPapers

"Top concerts of 2011"

These girls are amaze. Berlin Brides reign from Athens, Greece and came here in 2010 for Indie Week and early this year for CMW. They are so much fun to see live, their lyrics are hilarious and their synthy beats are fun to dance around to.

Go to their website and check out my post!
- BrockPapers

"The Berlin Brides in Toronto"

The Berlin Brides have been playing all over the city for the past week for Indie Music Week in Toronto. This is their first visit to Canada and will surely be a memorable one. The following photos were taken at their shows from the Drake Underground and Friday’s Rivoli show. Wanna know more about them? Listen to their first Canadian interview here with MusicVice. They are playing their last show for this festival tonight, October 16th at 11:50PM at The Underground Garage (King and Peter street) - Electric Light Media

"Indie Week 2010"

My personal pick for band of the day, Berlin Brides. I don’t think you have to be from Europe to appreciate the this band, but it probably helps. Having a slightly perverted sense of humour will help as well. Dirty and fun lyrics including ‘sitting on your face’ (“Hit And Run”) and all of “Failure To Wank” were delivered with danceable beats and some grin-inducing 2-finger electric keyboard buggery.
After speaking with them post-show, I learned that Berlin Brides arrived in Canada for Indie Week without any North American record label or distribution – that needs to be fixed, fast. Achtung world, prepare to be rubberized! Berlin Brides are coming to spank you sideways. Consider yourself warned and informe - Music Vice

"Indietracks 2011"

Berlin Brides played some interesting and loud electro pop, a perfect mid afternoon wake up call. - Rhubarb Bomb

"Live: Berlin Brides @ dogstar, Brixton UK"

The Berlin Brides - naturally - come from Athens, Greece. Another long journey to end up in a Brixton boozer, but the Brides have played in the UK before and they know the score. It's not possible to pin the Berlin Brides down to a handy influence-reference or two, and that's one of the reasons I like them. There are many other reasons I like them, of course, and those reasons are much to the fore tonight.

The Brides' animated electropop has a spiky new-wavey edge even as it effortlessly captures indie catchiness. Their lyrics are artful and witty, and the two Brides - Natasha Giannaraki on vocals, Marilena Orfanou on keyboards - have a presence that eclipses any number of blokes-with-guitars bands.

Tonight, there's a third bride - a bloke with a drum kit - which ensures that the band's sparky pop rattles along with plenty of rhythmic wallop, and the room soon starts dancing. "This is our most notorious song", announces Natasha, and of course it's 'Failure To Wank', the best- and quite possibly the only - pop song ever written about masturbation-block. It's an adroit burst of beats and electronics, infectious and danceable - and you can tell which people in the crowd are only just twigging what the lyrics are about. They're the ones doing the dance step known as 'the double-take'.

It's a hot night in Brixton tonight, but the Berlin Brides warm it up even more. - Nemesis To Go

"Fine days for indiepop - Indietracks 2011"

In addition, with its most eclectic set of bands to boot yet – ranging from the synth pop of Athenian duo Berlin Brides to the multi-instrumentalism of Haiku Salut – there was never a dull moment at Indietracks 2011. - God is in the TV


Still working on that hot first release.



Two girls and two cities are the base ingredients of the explosive mix that is "Berlin Brides". Their sound is a hybrid of electro, punk & powerpop. Natasha Giannaraki (lyrics, vocals) and Marilena Orfanou (music, keyboards) formed the band in Athens in 2007 and they have reinvented the athenian music scene with their caustic lyrics and electrifying live perfomances.

they have toured Greece extensively and have played alongside CocoRosie, Kap Bambino, Jessie Evans, and in EJEKT festival with the Subways, Klaxons, Jarvis Cocker and Royksopp.
They performed for the first time in the UK in June 2009 in Buffalo Bar, London, as winners of the Velvet Magazine Prize 2009. It was awarded to them by Artrocker Magazine, which labeled their self-released EP ‘Failure to Wank' one of the two best releases of 2008. That performance granted them a slot in the New Bands Stage at Offset Festival in September 2009, where they performed to an enthused audience and received glowing reviews. In October 2010 they debuted in North America with 6 shows in Toronto Indie Week Festival, winning fans and critical acclaim on the other side of the Atlantic. In March 2011 they played at Canadian Music Week and packed the venue over its capacity.
They also played in Berlin at the 2nd Festival der französischen Bühne Künste. In June 2011 they won the Velvet Prize 2011 as they have been choosen by the Indietracks Festival in Derbyshire, UK.
Their 7” debut single “Rejection Junkie” (now sold out) was released on clear vinyl in June 2010 and their debut album "Modern Celibacy" on both CD and 12” vinyl in October 2010 by Inner Ear Records