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"VISIONS review of REAL ME (2002)"

".. poetic, timeless.." - Dirk Siepe, VISIONS

"Rolling Stone review of REAL ME (2002)"

".. REAL ME represents imagination and beauty.." - Arne Willander, Rolling Stone

"Musikexpress writer Albert Koch's review of REAL ME (2002)"

".. [REAL ME's song 'Do you want'] could do well in the DJ/Top 40 charts.." - Albert Koch, Musikexpress


2002 "REAL ME"
2008 coming up "We're part of something"



Ready for something special?

To Daniel Berlinger, singer and pianist, every note matters. His trademark rhythmical vocals and driving piano playing mark the basis for the multi-faceted pop album “we’re part of something”. And this record could prove a milestone, as it gets together an exceptional songwriter with a band of exceptional musicians.

Based in Berlin, Germany, Berlinger are crossing boundaries. Their debut album assembles unique and new music like the sublime “Emergency” or the quiet and touching “The world’s full of people” with a blend of catching and glamorous songs that cover a range from britpop and rock to motown and gospel.

The band members’ diverging musical tastes provide the creative tension that marked out great collaborations of the past. Daniel Berlinger and drummer Martin Woron share a liking for melodious pop and cutting edge r’n’b rhythms, guitarist Frank Engelmann and bassist Tom ‘Motown’ Vogel are into edgier rock and singer/songwriter music. Together, Berlinger create an atmosphere of emotional density that incorporates the subtleness of jazz, with twists, rising tension and developments that keep you listening.

Daniel Berlinger’s grooving melody lines mix well with thoughtful lyrics. “We’re part of something” takes you on a search for truth - it’s out there! The lead singer’s committed attitude suits the political songs of the album, unifying rock’n’roll’s uplifting spirit with a populist sermon that people indeed have the power to change their societies. The theme of longing nicely links them to innocently lewd tunes like “Delicious” and “Let’s get it on”.

Berlinger are a band that can go the extra mile. Their songs are waiting for big audiences, yet as musicians they can deliver in a small jazz club. Engelmann, ‘Motown’ and Woron are all masters on their instruments, and Daniel Berlinger’s intense and yet elegant piano playing is as unmistakable as his signature vocals. Berlinger have recorded an exceptional album that’s got to be heard by you!