Delray Beach, Florida, USA

A singer/songwriter who remembers when melody mattered in music! Berlo's acoustic-tinged alternative influenced rock harkens back to the days when R.E.M. ruled college dorms and the song was king. One listen and you too will FEEL what Berlo is all about.


Berlo is what one would call a “prolific singer/songwriter” and Box of Rocks is what one would call a “remarkable rock band,” but together they transcend these labels, creating original music that worships the almighty melody, revels in instrumental expression, and propels the soul like rock was meant to. All the while displaying an energy and devotion to the craft of live performing that results in the ultimate musical communal experience for everyone. To say Berlo & Box of Rocks is more than the musical sum of its parts would be an understatement indeed.

As a singer and songwriter Berlo (Steve Berlowski) has been writing and performing his version of “acoustic rock and beyond” in the South Florida area for over 15 years after migrating from his birthplace, land of beer and cheese, Milwaukee Wisconsin. He creates music that brings the listener back to the foundation and tradition of rock & roll in its most enjoyable form.. the song! He continues to explore the boundaries of the singer/songwriter genre by blending folk, pop, country, and alternative rock influences that mesh with his introspective and existential lyrical musings.

Berlo’s music is acoustic in its nature but rocking in its execution. It is catchy in its songwriting and passionate in its delivery with a nod in style and feel to artists like Wilco, Tom Petty, The Counting Crows, Bruce Springsteen, and Ryan Adams. His quest for a band that could do this ambitious brand of rock and roll justice lead to the formation of Box of Rocks over 15 years ago; a tight group born out of a desire to take his live shows to the next level. On Bass is Ken Gruneisen, a prolific player that invigorates the music with his omnipotent grasp of the bass as the ultimate rock instrument. Josh Davis tackles the rhythmic pulse of the drums with a feel that is tight, subtle, and stylistic with Berlo providing the acoustic and electric guitars and vocals for his original tunes as well as unique arrangements of classics and a few obscure rock numbers, the band has gained recognition and a devoted following throughout the South Florida bar and private party circuit. Venue owners know that when Berlo and his band show up the crowd will be engaged, the music will be special, and the venue will be rocking.

Berlo's released his first full length CD, “All For The Story” in 2005;a CD that benefits from the remarkable and collaborative musical contributions of Box of Rocks and is hard at work with the band's first ever all original CD titled "Going for the Gun" set for release this year. These days he and the band can be found rallying the patrons at their regular South Florida venues; creating the buzz that only a harmony singing acoustic rock alternative band can.


Not Enough

Written By: BERLO

Every moment tucked inside a hurt that we can’t see
I won’t buy it but you won’t sell it so I’m left to be
Out of credit, out of cash, out of time. Just plain out of steam
Still I find you coming on strong just to make me weak

What if I cleaned up my act?
What if I took out the trash?
What if every word I said to you I took right back?
What if all that caused such pain disappeared right down the drain?
What if everything I’ve done is not enough
No no it wouldn’t be enough
No no it wouldn’t be enough

I don’t mind you. You got your ways for sure but I’ve got mine
Right behind me
Standing around but you don’t want to stand in line
Try to find out is it faith you’ve lost or just your trust in me
I see through that
Making me listen won’t make me believe.

These things I try to do to bring me back to you
Extremes so subtle, black and white, pink or baby blue
What if what we tied to make overcame every mistake?
What if everything I’ve done is not enough
No no it wouldn’t be enough
No no it wouldn’t be enough

These storms that stop and start
Too much to track and chart
They pound and bash the weakened shelter of my heart
What if words poured down like rain
Rushing round like a hurricane
What if everything I’ve done is not enough
No no it wouldn’t be enough
No no it wouldn’t be enough
Not enough… Not enough…
Not enough… Not enough…


Written By: BERLO

Jessie doesn’t want to say goodbye. She hates planes
But she’ll take a ride on a train or a motorcycle any other day
She doesn’t want to see the world from way up high
She only wants to see the world blur by
And every time I think of what she’s got I have to smile

Little words become so simplified
Shining like a little star. Shine away
Firefly light my way (Natural Light)
Firefly light my way

She don’t take no for an answer
She’ll face the cold and go outside
To spend some time inside her world would be just fine

Natures course becomes electrified
Shining like a little star. Shine away
Firefly light my way (Natural Light)
Firefly light my way

Firefly light my way (Natural Light)
Firefly light my way
Firefly light my way (Natural Light)
Firefly light my way


Written By: BERLO

Somewhere out in the world they’re calling
Reminiscent of dreams from the fallen
“True Hollywood” now there’s a contradiction
Heading out in the wrong direction
I know we’ll never go back
I know we’ll never go back

We take it as it comes
Keep ‘em on the run
And we cheat ourselves for breakfast
We take it as it comes
Keep ‘em on the run
And we eat our guilt for breakfast
Bury the bones in Texas

With a nickel word for a penny conversation
Simple truths to mask the explanation
If we talk enough we’ll distract ourselves and forget about it
Too much on our plates and who are we to solve that
I know you’ll never do that
I know you’ll never do that





All For The Story

with "Box Of Rocks":
-All About Progress,
-Live @ Treefort I & II

Set List

Just ONE Example of a VARIETY of tune configurations one will experience at a typical Berlo gig:

Save it For Later - English Beat
Wreck Of The Edmond Fitzgerald - Gordon Lightfoot
The Weight - The Band
All For The Story - Berlo
Make-Up - Berlo
Ballad of Curtis Lowe - Lynard Skynard
Horse With No Name - America
Good Man - Berlo
Emergency Landing - Berlo
Let Your Love Flow - Bellamy Brothers
Ballad of Jenny Rae - Bo Deans
Steal My Kisses - Ben Harper

Seven Bridges Road - Eagles
Aimee - Pure Praire League
Stand Up - Berlo
Dead Flowers - Rolling Stones
14 Days of Rain - Berlo
Texas - Berlo
The Breakup Song - Greg Kihn
Hush - Deep Purple
The Letter - Box Tops
Feelin Alright - Joe Cocker
Smokin’ Hole - Radiators
Firefly - Berlo
Not Enough - Berlo

Can’t You See - Marshall Tucker Band
Let Her Cry - Hootie & The Blowfish
Friend For Life - Berlo
Change Our Minds - Berlo
Melt With You -Modern English
Seminole Wind - Jon Anders