Berman is a modern rock band that has released THREE full-length albums since 2003. Berman's songwriting, musicianship, and recordings allow the band to stand out in a very abused genre, and the energetic live show justly brings the recordings to life. For solid modern rock, look no further.


"Berman to Release Send Me to the End" by Courtney Sutton
Not many bands are able to produce multiple albums without the help of a record label, and even fewer can keep their musical integrity in the process. Then again, Berman just makes it look easy.

The melodic yet hard-rock act will officially release its third album, Send Me to the End, on April 14, Good Friday at Backbooth in downtown Orlando. The CD is anticipated to be their best work.

The CD is not a departure from the previous two albums, but rather the climax of five years of relentless dedication. The music intuitively strikes a near-impossible balance between quality musicianship and live feel.

And they have worked hard. Based out of a home studio in Orlando, the five members write, record, book shows, promote and perform all on their own. What makes them even more remarkable is that all the members either work and/or attend college full time, all while carving out their own niche in the rock music scene.

Berman fans can rest assured that the band is not behind the curve of distinction. On the contrary, they are merely waiting for the music industry to catch up.


Fall Off the Earth

Written By: Berman

20 minutes to showtime
a face in perfect pain
his nerves are shot and his eyes closed tight
he leaves his problems for rainy days
no one should have to fight this hard
with struggles in the form of friends
to pick a poison is easier said
when a person will not pretend

he says
why won't they listen?
they're gunna' fall off the earth
and no one will notice but me
one more decision
before they fall off the earth
and no one will notice but me

he only speaks when he means it
with passion bigger than his words
he knows his road is less traveled
and many have fallen before
no one should have to have dreams like this
that darken on rainy days
to pick a poison is easier said
when a person won't walk away

Life in the Stars

Written By: Berman

i'm alright with this
choosing to exist
and i will savor every second
i will make it through
just knowing You
and i am willing to cement it

now it's so clear and so near
that i can never turn my back in shame

it doesn't get better than this
falling behind one day at a time
it couldn't get better than this
so why try? now we're out of time

just one sacrifice of turning off the lights
and the world could be ours to hold
soon the world will fade
with everything we've made
because living in the stars grows old

it's so clear and so near
that i can never turn my back

No One Understands

Written By: Berman

you moved on without me
one day we'll see things the same
feeling sorry i ever felt this way
feeling sorry with no one else to blame

time on my side and a head full of dreams
that no one understands but me
i'm feelin' fine with this head full of dreams
and no one understands but me

i never saw it coming
i expected maturity somehow
feeling sorry i ever said i cared
feeling sorry but i'll let go for now


For the Better - Jan, 2003
Radio Singles: Paint the Skies, This Life, Remain, Perfect

Life in the Stars - Dec, 2004
Radio Singles: Lost Angeles, Fall off the Earth, Life in the Stars, All Comes Down

Send Me to the End - Apr, 2006

Set List

For first-time shows in town, 30-35 minute, 6-7 set. for repeat-city shows 40-45 8-9 song set.

Possible Set List Songs:
from Send Me to the End
Over and Over
Send Me to the End
Why Am I Still Here?
My Darker Side
Soundtrack to Nothing
The End of Me
All the World

from Life in the Stars:
Lost Angeles
No One Understands
Who Am I
Fall off the Earth
Goodbye, Gravity
Life in the Stars
Face the Night
All Comes Down
Stay With Me

from For the Better:
Hear My Cries
Final Hour
Paint the Skies
This Life
Open Eyes