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"Berman's Featured Press"

Featured on the aXis 2005 Compilation
Featured on the HM Magazine Compilation


"The group may not have been together for very long, but they definitely know what the industry likes, wants and desires... Especially with an extremely high confidence level, mature lyrical content, emotional musical renderings, and an instant hit independent record, all these guys need is a label to recognize their talent... My suggestion is get it now, support them to the much deserved rock star status rather than waiting round for them to become a success, because that my friends is already too late."
- Geoff Dellinger; Entertainment World

The record is powered by a strong rhythm section accompanied with strong guitars and a powerful singer to keep the melodies hanging on within your head once they have taken their first spin…. A CD that will send you into orbit, around the planet and out of space.”
- (Denmark)

"...Whatever it is, man it rocks. Crunchy riffs and powerful vocals, at times pensive and at other times at your throat, dynamics are the name of the game. And they do it well. MISH MASH Mandate: Dynamically Emotic"
- Mish Mash Music Reviews (

"Back-to-back-to-back home runs. Lyric [content] worthy of R.E.M. in its prime... Not only is this band enormously powerful, the songs have substance and depth as well, and that is a potent combination indeed. Must be something about the water in Florida..."
- Taxi

“Their melodic hard rock has an impressive, mature sound comparable to chart-toppers like Staind, Alice In Chains or Godsmack. Hard-hitting rifts mix with dark, heavy melodies that develop into forceful cohesive sounds. The lyrics are strong, honest testimonies of hope, mistakes, dreams and realities, with even a few religious connotations. But for Berman, the power is in the relentless guitar-driven tunes and energetic live shows. While they haven't been around that long, these guys have already exhibited potential to take their music to higher levels.”
- Monica Cady; AOL Digital City; South Florida

“Muscular, melodic, impressively competent, perfectly listenable.”
- Jim Santo; Demo Universe

“Berman clearly knows what they're doing. Every once in a while you’ll find a quiet intro or a subdued passage, but otherwise they rock full-tilt the whole time. Their lyrical approach works nicely when juxtaposed against heavy rock songs, as it provides an alternative to the often overly aggressive, angry lyrics written by Berman's secular hard rock counterparts”
- Florida Christian News - Various Authors


For the Better - Jan, 2003
Radio Singles: Paint the Skies, This Life, Remain, Perfect

Life in the Stars - Dec, 2004
Radio Singles: Lost Angeles, Fall off the Earth, Life in the Stars, All Comes Down

Send Me to the End - Apr, 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


"Berman to Release Send Me to the End" by Courtney Sutton
Not many bands are able to produce multiple albums without the help of a record label, and even fewer can keep their musical integrity in the process. Then again, Berman just makes it look easy.

The melodic yet hard-rock act will officially release its third album, Send Me to the End, on April 14, Good Friday at Backbooth in downtown Orlando. The CD is anticipated to be their best work.

The CD is not a departure from the previous two albums, but rather the climax of five years of relentless dedication. The music intuitively strikes a near-impossible balance between quality musicianship and live feel.

And they have worked hard. Based out of a home studio in Orlando, the five members write, record, book shows, promote and perform all on their own. What makes them even more remarkable is that all the members either work and/or attend college full time, all while carving out their own niche in the rock music scene.

Berman fans can rest assured that the band is not behind the curve of distinction. On the contrary, they are merely waiting for the music industry to catch up.