Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle

 Oslo, Oslo County, NOR

Dark and edgy disco meets electro-pop.



August 2010: Bermuda Triangles single "Breathe Freely" is "Song of the Day" on Popjustice:
"'Breathe Freely' is not exactly a brand new song but it IS highly amazing... If you haven't heard it before you are in for a bit of a treat and if you've heard it before but forgot about like we did, well, now's a good time to dust it off and fall in love all over again. Either way we suspect it's one of the best songs you hear this month."
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Norwegian electro-pop quintet Bermuda Triangle released their third album “Lover Computer City” in Norway April 2009.

Their first album in 2003, "Mooger Fooger" made them a popular addition to DJ-and radio playlists worldwide. International DJ-guru John Digweed also included them on his release “MMII”. The single "Secret Pillow" was released and did very well on radio charts in countries like Creece, South Africa and Australia.

On their second album "33rpm" (2006), the Triangle moved into darker and more edgy musical territory, to great acclaim from the critics – giving reviews like “Electronic masterpiece” and “…younger versions of Pet Shop Boys, Erasure and Depeche Mode would all feel at home at this party”.

On their third and latest album the band takes yet another direction. The review from the Norwegian Groove magazine sums it up like this:

“Where Mooger Fooger was gloomy electronica and 33rpm dark electropop, Lover Computer City is pure pop – on the melancholic rather than the bubblegum side. The sound and production is chilly and distinctly Scandinavian, like a crossbreed of Röyksopp and a-ha.”

The band consists of five members, including two vocalists. A lineup that has also contributed to their brilliant live performance. Bermuda Triangle's live show has taken them to everything from festivals like Roskilde and SXSW, in addition to clubs all over Europe.


2003 - Mooger Fooger (album, released Planet Noise/VME)
2004 - Secret Pillow (single and 12" with Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas remixes, released Planet Noise/Discograph)
2006 - 33rpm (album, released Planet Noise/VME)
2008 - Breathe Freely (single, Planet Noise)
2009 - Lover Computer City (album, Planet Noise)
2010 - You Said We Were Heroes (single, Planet Noise)
2011 - Lover Computer City (int. release album, Planet Noise/VME)

Set List

The set list depends entirely on the venue. The band plays everything from 30 minute showcases to 90 minute long concerts. For more club like venues or late night gigs they tend play more of their up beat material - which works very well for the dance floor.