Bermuda Triangle Service

Bermuda Triangle Service

 San Jose, California, USA

'Bermuda Triangle Service makes haunting, country-kissed laments to take with you to the bar, the bedroom and the grave. Their debut release, High Swan Dive, recalls the sublime air and poetic charm of Neko Case and Mazzy Star' (Bill Picture/SF Examiner)


Known as a founding member of both Richard Buckner's The Doubters and the Bedlam Rovers, and as a touring violinist for Alejandro Escovedo and the Mekons, Cynthia Wigginton makes a debut fronting her own songwriting project, Bermuda Triangle Service. Combining country, rock and pop in unexpected ways, the release of 'High Swan Dive' marks the emergence of a unique voice in the music scene.

While sequestered on a tropical island in an octagonal house made of exotic woods, Cynthia (aka Wig) set about honing her songwriting craft. Using a variety of instruments ranging from violin to slide guitar to musical saw, her 4-track recordings became an intimate mix of sounds influenced by the pink sunglasses of an island sunset.

Once Wig and her partner, Adam McCauley (Little My / Warm Wires), returned to hometown San Francisco, they got together with longtime friend, Robert Malta (Paw Paw Blowtorch / HugeLarge), and a trio was formed. With the addition of Adam and Robert, Bermuda Triangle Service's live and recorded performances now include a touch of melodica and harmonica as well as the mysterious "screwdriver". The songs continue to take a traditional and narrative direction that is tempered by a contemporary indie and island sensibility.

With the assistance of Karl Derfler as producer and Joshua Housh as studio engineer, Bermuda Triangle Service has released their debut studio album, 'High Swan Dive' (October 2004). Karl is well-known for his work with such diverse artists as Roky Erickson, Jerry Harrison, Ric Ocasek, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Angry Samoans, and No Doubt.

'High Swan Dive' is available in stores and online through From the opening strains of "Kukui Lei", followed by the band's version of Billy Childish's "Pokerhuntus Was Her Name", and ending with the surreal atmosphere of "Last Dada Dance", Bermuda Triangle Service lets you know that they've made it through treacherous waters and plan on landing.

A follow-up to their debut release is planned for 2007 with Karl Derfler back on the board. The new release is tentatively titled, 'Out of the Dogwoods'.


High Swan Dive

Written By: Cynthia Wigginton

there's a glass in her hand
so she slowly puts it down
brushes the crumbs off of her lap
and then takes a look around

the lawn chairs are empty
the chips are gone
the ice has all melted
the water is calm

she follows the concrete
around the shape of a bean
and climbs up the ladder
until she sees everything

the roofs of the houses
linoleum floors
the cul-de-sac ending
her neighbor's front doors

she's still and she's flying
with the june bugs beside her
she's still and she's flying
with the june bugs to guide her

her party is over
her friends have all gone
the dachshund is sleeping
the streetlights come on

she calls to esther to make it be good
and steps up confidently just like esther would
then breathing loud and heading down to the deep, deep blue green
she jumps high with all her might
a swan dive in mid-flight

she's still and she's flying
with the june bugs beside her
she's still and she's flying
with the june bugs to guide her


High Swan Dive (self-released LP Oct. 2004)
Connections 2 (Jackalope Records compilation Nov. 2004)

Set List

A forty minute-ish set of originals with one or two covers tossed into the salad. Bermuda Triangle Service has been known to do a spaced out version of the Ramones' 'I Wanna Be Sedated' as well as a version of 'Pokerhuntus Was Her Name,' written by the esteemed Billy Childish.