Bernadette Lawrence

Bernadette Lawrence

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Singer/songwriter with Caribbean flavor. Music weaves rhythms of the Caribbean like calypso and reggae with R&B, soul and jazz creating a joyful sound. Lyrics are uplifting and touch your heart.


I was born in Dominica, a small beautiful island in the Caribbean. I grew up in a large talented family and came to New York as a lead singer with the well-known Swinging Stars Orchestra. I studied voice, acting and ballet. I sang with a band called Kossa-Bi and performed in plays with the Caribbean Theatre Experience (Sullivan Walker) and sang and danced with the Ron Roche Caribbean Ensemble. We traveled to Mexico and Barbados to perform. I started writing and recording my own songs and recorded a single called All Bets Down which played on WLIB and in Dominica. I sang backup for Marcia Griffiths (Bob Marley's I-Threes) - I also won a talent contest and recognition for lyrics. My latest CD called TRY ROMANCE is a focal point in this odyssey and blends my Caribbean, R&B/soul and other musical influences. I wrote seven of the songs on the CD. The title song TRY ROMANCE was written by Y. Belvin who was the wife of soul singer Belvin. I wrote the lyrics for the second song called NOT A GAME.


All Bets Down was released as a single. My latest CD played on Triple A affiliated stations around the country and Canada and NOT A GAME went to No. 3 in Dayton, Ohio. Songs are being on played NewYorkInternetRadio and can be heard Itunes,, Rhapsody,, Borders and more.

Set List

My set is about an hour with 4 musicians, a steel drummer and backup. I also perform with tracks and do songs from the CD.