Bernard Adamus

Bernard Adamus


From early blues to here, now. Montreal's beat + gospel + country = Bernard ADAMUS. A real love for Blues, from band to solo accappella, ADAMUS is intensity, sensitivity, and truth. Reminiscent of '40s Jugs band, Fred Mcdowell, wincking at Plume and Gatineau : 100% original, yet universal. And fun!


Bernard ADAMUS lauched his 1st Cd on May 4th, 2009. Since then, we received the following :

- Bande à part - CD Review 7.5/10
- Invitation Festival Petite Vallée 2009
- Invitation, Off Festival Québec
- Invitation, SherBlues
- Invitation, FestiBlues Montréal
- Palmarès, 3rd week / Top 10 Bande à part


Bernard ADAMUS, Brun

- thanks to Studio Migratoire -- Eric Villeneuve
Eric Jarry