Bernard Boulanger

Bernard Boulanger


Innovative and traditional original folk/Jazz and latin songs expressed through soft gentle vocals and intricate fingerstyle guitar, often in a storytelling style. Reminiscent of Nick Drake Joao Gilberto,Gordon LIghtfoot, Simon and Garfunkel, Chet Baker, and Stan Rogers.


Perhaps best known for his songwriting and guitar work with Vancouver's Swing Latin ensemble The Colorifics, Bernard's first and foremost love has always been the acoustic guitar. Earnest concern for our fragile relationship with nature, playful irreverance, self conscious longings, and romantic daydreams inspire the wide variety of genres explored by Bernard. Although rich with the idiosyncratic originality of the self-taught artist, Bernard's guitar playing nevertheless resounds with the flavours of his musical heroes, from Joao Gilberto to Nick Drake. In Bernard's voice one discerns the struggle between the interminable sorrows of human experience and the willful strength to transcend this fate. Here amidst the bleakest shades of knowing cynicism, our joyful integration with the natural world emerges in radiant and optimistic contrast.


So Far From The Beauty
River Songs
For The Birds
Scrapings of the Barrel