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Bernice MacDonald

Brighton, England, United Kingdom

Brighton, England, United Kingdom
Band Americana Pop


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Because most of the pop that fuelled me was born of adult opposition, it was with trepidation that I approached a self -composed disc in which the artist's parents are thanked on the back cover and, according to a brief glance at its booklet text, addressed in 'My Ability' and 'Rain', among items that precede a title track that begins as a paeon to Joni Mitchell ('When I heard "Woodstock", it shaped my life today').
Prejudging Bernice, it crossed my mind that I might be in for eight slices of girly preciousness, and lyrics that make you embarrassed to be alive. Yet I'm delighted to report that, while an expressive soprano is most comfortable on ballads, it can rock gently when need arises. Moreover, just as 'Nova Scotia' lulls you into a pleasant melancholia, a sudden abrasive couplet leaps from the grooves and brings about an immediate reappraisal.
This example merely scratches the surface of Garden - which is blessed too with assured and uncluttered accompaniment. At present, however, it's 'Violet', all a capella harmonies and oblique melody, that has been on the turntable every time I've been in the kitchen for more than five minutes.
Alan Clayson - Rock N Reel


Bernice MacDonald Garden Independent ***

This album opens on a magnificent note with Conditional Love, featuring sweet, uplifting and romanticised anecdotes to daily life. Her vocals, compared to Laura Nyro and the likes, are high-pitched and wistful. These distinctive vocals set a precedent for the rest of the album. Out of the blue, the next song Nova Scotia sets a completely different tone, something that with a change of vocals diverts the attention from those high-pitched and beautiful vocals to the immense song that stands ahead. The album as a whole is this diverse. An overall enjoyable collection of honest, good-natured music from a naturally talented singer and songwriter and a group of awesome musicians. LB


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I have one quibble with "Garden", at times I think Bernice's voice is buried to far down in the mix and it makes some of the songs feel cluttered. It's a shame because it detracts from what would otherwise be a very strong debut album. MacDonald knows how to pen a song, there's a real wordsmith quality to the lyrics. Her voice is highly suited to this style of folk with it's hints of American Songbook and jazz/blues flavours running through like raspberry ripple and giving a real tang to the sweetness. "Violet" showcases some dynamic vocal interplay in a choral lead piece. - FATEA MAGAZINE


'Garden' released November 2008, Kong Records.



Born in the north of the U.K, Bernice MacDonald was raised within a musical family with both her parents playing and touring in the Northern Sinfornia Orchestra. Her father, George MacDonald also ran a jazz trio and it was at one of their gigs that Bernice first sang in public age fifteen years old. Prior to this Bernice was an avid violin player.

Bernice, whilst always fond of her British roots, related instantly to that of the old school singer/songwriters Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and James Taylor. Having moved to the south of England, Bernice started singing backing vocals with Ruf Records artist Dani Wilde. These Blues influences started to rub off on Bernice who's music started to take on what she calls 'more of an edge'. Whilst not wanting to forget her folk roots, Bernice's music naturally mixes styles giving a sound unique only to her.

Described in 'Maverick' Magazine as 'honest, good natured music', Bernice MacDonald thrives on being true to herself, having turned down several management deals in the U.K because of their need to conform her style, Bernice says " I don't see any point in writing music that isn't true to my heart. I mix up genres because I was raised in a musical family around all different styles and those influences are now part of who I am. If I were to conform to what the industry wants then I would no longer be me, my music would no longer be honest and I would no longer be proud to represent it".

In November 2008, The Bernice MacDonald Band released its first album 'Garden' to rave reviews. Having toured the U.K their next step is to tour abroad.