Bernie Gilmore

Bernie Gilmore

 London, Ontario, CAN

"Bernie Gilmore has a unique voice in Canadian music that should be heard by all. The characters and stories that come alive in his songs reflect our heritage and culture in an entertaining way. With his rich baritone voice and his strong guitar work, his shows are not to be missed" - James Gordon


A strong influence for Bernie's writing and performing comes from his commitment to humanitarian work in rural Africa for which he received the 2001 Lewis Perinbam Award for International Development.

"Another Path", Bernie's debut recording was produced by Bill Garrett and released in 2005. With thirteen eclectic songs inspired by stories of characters living in the realm of his imagination and his own personal journeys, a disaster in Temagami Ontario and hs travels in Africa, "Another Path" is evidence of Bernie's strength as a writer and musician.

Bernie's most recent recording "OIL BOOM!", is a ten song chronicle of stories inspired by 150 years of Canadian oil heritage. Commissioned by Lambton County and Fairbank Oil Property, "OIL BOOM!" embraces the proud history of Lambton County community with a dose of the oil boom frenzy with its triumphs and tragedies.

Originally from Ottawa, Bernie has performed in a number of groups throughout his performance history, ranging from Folk to Bluegrass to Celtic all of which influences his solo performances and songwriting.

Proud to be a favourite at the 33rd Home County Folk Festival in 2006, Bernie looks forward to concerts through the Fall and Winter and to touring across Ontario in the Summer of 2009.


Black Gold

Written By: Bernie Gilmore

BLACK GOLD Words and Music © Bernie Gilmore

A few years ago, men made a fortune
From digging holes in the ground
As miners they dared the land they prepared
To give up the treasure they found
With tools made of metal men pounced on a treadle
And watched as the oil sprayed back
The smell of the air was heavy and rare
And the land was covered in black

Black gold for miners of oil
Brought a life that many enjoyed
Made some men a name made others insane
For black gold and minors of oil

Soon a city of grease and oil took shape
With a skyline of tripods (teepee) and wood
And a scramble went on beginning at dawn
To dig deep and as fast as they could
For Fairbank and Shaw, the land that was raw
Lent them a place for their dreams
And the flood of oil drenching the soil
Would go on forever it seemed

Now still lies the ground once filled with sounds
Of men seeking gold that was black
Where men of the day, dug deep in the clay
Causing the earth to crack
Now empty the earth that once gave birth
To oil and gas and tar
And the wounds that were made by men who were crazed
Stay covered and stiff like a scar

When I Watch Sea Birds Fly

Written By: Bernie Gilmore and Steven Hardy

Am F
When I Watch Sea Birds Fly
Am F
Disappearing into blue
Gliding free on the wind
G Am
I feel close to you

Am F
When I hear thunder roll
Am F
Like an omen out at sea
And the sky turns to grey
G Am
I feel you here with me

F G Am G
You were the one who showed me how to dream
F Am
You gave me the words my heart would sing
F G Am G
The best in you is now a part of me
F G Am
I love you more than anything

When the moon turns the tide
You turn the tide in me
And the beat of my heart
Keeps time with the sea – instru. Verse…


When I watch seabirds fly
Disappearing into blue
And the moon turns the tide
I return home to you


"OIL BOOM!" is a ten song CD commissioned by Lambton County and Fairbank Oil Property of Oil Springs and Petrolia, Ontario. "For once it can truly be said of an album that is a blast from the past. OIL BOOM! a terrific new CD from Strathroy-area folk singer Bernie Gilmore is that album" - James Reaney, the London Free Press.

“Another Path”: solo album: vocals, guitar, banjo; all songs written and performed by Bernie Gilmore

Tracks currently being played:
“Ode To Coldstream”
CHRW Radio 94.9 fm London, For the Folks with host Allison Brown; CIUT FM Toronto, Back to the Sugarcamp with host Steve Fruitman; CKPC FM92 Brantford with host Jan Vanderhorst.

“Temagami” - CHRW
“Een Gonyama” - CHRW

“Bless the Child”: Contemporary Gospel: soloist, singer and instrumentalist
“Walk With Me”: Songs for Married Love: soloist, singer and instrumentalist
“For the Wonder of Me”: Songs inspired by The L’Arche Society: musical arrangements and co- producer

Set List

Set I (45 mins)

- I’ll Be Alright
- Get Down on Your Knees
- Temagami
- The Bells of Dundalk
- When I Watch Sea Birds Fly (B. Gilmore/S Hardy)
- Life is a River (Murray McLaughlin/A Rhodey)
- Dansez Marie
- Ode To Coldstream
- Yen Gonyama

Set II (45 mins)

- Red Winged Black Bird (David Francey)
- Mr. Henry
- Torn Screen Door (David Francey)
- Take Me to the Mardigras (Paul Simon)
- I Miss the Lovin’
- Fogarty’s Cove (Stan Rogers)
- Heart of Africa
- When it Comes My turn (David Myles)