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Trust Your Wings

Written By: Bernadette Maguire

Trust your wings

You say you landed badly the first time you tried to fly

And now you’re scared to brave that second try

For the one you thought would catch you, simply stood and watched you fall

And now your fear keeps you pinned to the wall


Trust your wings to lift you high

When you risk the fall and step into the sky

For lover’s leap is no sure bet

So you need faith the air will be a safety net

Why wait up there upon life’s ledge

When you’re yearning just to step over the edge?

For now’s your time to understand

That you can soar and choose a safer place to land

Trust your wings to lift you high

Well you fell into the ocean on that day and nearly drown

Because that fool had weighted your wings down

But now you’re finally free and it’s time to take a chance

So step into the air where you can dance

Chorus (Reprise)

Trust your wings they’ll take you high

Trust your wings baby you can fly

© Words: Bernadette Maguire / Music: Bernadette Maguire & Rowena Knight
46, Albert Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham B14 7HE England

Simply Love Me

Written By: Bernadette Maguire

Simply love me

Kiss me softly on my cheek

Press your lips across my eyes

Breathe your warmth along my neck

To raise a tender song of sighs

Touch me with your fingertips

Release my very soul

Send your love into my bones

And once more make me whole


I don’t need lines, rhymes or fairy tales

Dragons’ slain or towers scaled

Some golden fleece to keep me from the cold

Simply love me

Love me

Hold me closer in your arms

Blow secrets through my hair

Trace life’s map along my spine

Make me know that you still care

Let me feel you in my veins

Bring life back into me

And with the magic of your touch

Remind me of all I can be

Chorus (reprise)

© Words: Bernadette Maguire
46, Albert Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham B14 7HE England


Written By: Bernadette Maguire


I always thought of myself as standing on solid ground
Intellectual terra firma was the theories I’d propound
I always had a notion that my reasoning was true
Yet within life’s equation I’d taken no account of you
So, I guess it’s a hard lesson I now have to learn
That for even the most static sometimes the earth must turn

Now I’m freefalling
When I look into your eyes
Tumbling through the skies
Descending in the blue
Falling freely
Through the air to you

I never liked disturbance it would remind me as a child
That always amidst the turmoil things got rough and wild
I feared that if the chaos were ever to return
The only option left me would be to crash and burn
But I guess it’s a hard lesson loving you is teaching me
That letting go is necessary for me truly to be free

Now I’m freefalling
Watch me take the dive
I’ve never felt so alive
What’s a woman to do
When she has fallen
Head over heels for you?

As solidity I thought I knew turns to vapour in the air
I no longer know which way is up but I fall without a care
And crashing through the atmosphere as the world goes rushing by
I realise I’ve lost all fear like I’m learning how to fly
But it’s such a simple lesson I’m being taught here in the blue
The surest ground I stand upon is the love I have with you

Now we’re freefalling
Through skies of indigo
Losing sight of what’s below
You know this is so right
Falling freely
In love up here tonight

And in the purple light of morning
When the sun’s just coming through
While fingertips of Naples yellow
Stroke the last of Midnight’s blue
As I pull you close toward me
Just like a case of déjà vu
I’ll know I’ve fallen freely
Once again in love with you

© Words: Bernadette Maguire
46, Albert Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham B14 7HE England