Bert Elliot

Bert Elliot


Modern melodic instrumental guitar music. In the vain of Jeff Beck,Satch,Eric Johnson.


I have been writing background and theme music for network television for 17 years.
I recieved an undergraduate degree in music composition from Queens College in New York.
My influences range from Jeff Beck to Eric Johnson.
I have worked long and hard on my phrasing,and tone.
I am at the point that I am happy with both.
My first album "On The Positive Tip",came out a few years ago.
I am currently working on my second album.


On The Positive Tip - Bert Elliot
Many songs on television world wide through Warner Chappell.

Set List

Each set is 45 minutes long.
Don't Shoot,Let's Rock.
Color Thang
Is this real
Girls say no!
The Future
The Happy Song