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Berto Ramon

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The sound of Berto Ramon, is an eclectic blend of genres to say the least. With Hip Hop as the Foundation, Latin Jazz, Reggae,and Rock are also cleverly fused together. Lyricaly, the group addresses the issues of everyday life, with hopes to bring about positive growth and inspiration.


Berto Ramon:

It is a rare occasion when nine people can enter a room and create the synergy and level of excitement that Berto Ramon has been able to do from their very first meeting years ago in a college rehearsal space. As the band played their eclectic group of instruments together it became immediately obvious that there was something extremely unique and distinctive about this group.

Berto Ramon was conceived in the diverse surroundings of Chicago's North and West Side, from Humboldt Park to Uptown. Nine heads came together with the same vision to make an impact on their city through the music that was in each individual’s hearts and minds. The result has been a creative blend founded on Hip-Hop with influences ranging from Latin jazz, rock, and reggae. Driven by a strong faith and belief, BR refuses be confined to the typical. Consequently, the group speaks to the issue of the day and is constantly confronting the fight against such realities as class and racial inequality, violence on the streets, and the need to find a positive path through all of the hardship and pain that envelopes so many people in their community.

The end result is a super high-energy live show driven by the lyrics of MCs Just J and Boogalu and backed up by violins, Latin percussion, guitars, bass, drums, a DJ, and keyboards. Whether you are hitting your local music venues or catching the next major touring artist coming through town, it is unlikely that you will find a more engaging or higher energy show than this one.

In the band’s short time together they have already accumulated a number of accolades including winning first place in Midwest region of the Emergenza Festival and then flying to Germany to place fourth in the world wide competition. The band has been busy playing all across the Midwest and has already traveled to Germany and Canada and has played a number of shows in Florida.

-Winners of the Independent Music World Series Austin, TX (2007) -Winners of the Midwest Emergenza Battle of the Bands Competition (2006) -4th Place in the International Emergenza Competiton out of 12,000 bands (2006) -Awarded Best Performance (Emergenza) 2006 -Top 10 in the Verizon Wireless/Myspace Calling All Bands Competion out of 3,000 bands (2005)


-Taubertal Festival in Rothenburg Germany -Puerto Rican Bandera Bandera Festival in Humboldt Park -Puerto Rican Parade Festival

Opened for:

-Ying Yang Twins -Pitbull -Zion and Lennox -Dr. Ocatagon

Travel Locations:

-Germany -London -Canada -Florida -Iowa -Indiana


Berto Ramon EP (2007)
Concrete Perspective (2005)

Set List

Hour Set

Front to Back
Takeover (Jay-Z)
This Is 4 You
Cell 6
Native Tongues
Jam Rock (Damien Marley)
Brand New

Other Songs:
Break Neck
Spit Fire
Rapper's Delight
Santa Rosa
Back and Forth
Chain Gang
Latin Jazz Instrumental
No Woman No Cry (Bob Marley)