Besh o droM

Besh o droM

 Budapest, Budapest, HUN

Non-traditional virtual folklore from East-Europe and the Balkan.

"splendid flight of wildness and joyous exuberance that rarely pauses for breath". Andrew Cronshaw (fRoots)


Besh o droM draws it’s musical basis form Transylvanian, Jewish, Afghan, Egyptian, Libanese, Armenian, Bulgarian, Romanian and Greek tunes presenting folk and electronic instruments simultaneously. The different types of music from nations which nowadays do not necessarily communicate well with each other appear together in peace and harmony. Their music is playful and serious, funny and touching, acoustic and electronic, authentic and urban, Western and Eastern, folk and above nations at the same time.
Besh o droM was formed in Budapest in August, 1999. The name in the lovari (gipsy) dialect means "ride the road" - just like horses.

Some of the festivals Besh o droM played at:
Montreal Jazz Festival (Canada), Glastonbury Festival (Glastonbury, UK), Womad (Adelaide, Australia), Barbican Centre (UK), Pulse Festival (London, UK), Zaccatecas Festival (Mexico), Sing for Freedom (Tai Pei), Exit Festival (Serbia), Sziget Festival (Hungary, every year), Tlalpan Festival (Mexico City, Mexico), WOMEX, Moscow International House of Music (Russia), Forum Barcelona (Spain), Amsterdam Roots Festival (Netherland), Half Moon (Cork, Ireland), Haapavesi Festival, (Haapavesi, Finland), Homo Novus Festival (Riga, Latvia), Jazz City Festival (Edmonton, Canada), Calgary Jazz Festival (Canada), Harbourfront World Festival (Toronto, Canada), Ottawa Jazz Festival, (Canada), Sunfest (London, Canada), Halifax Jazz Festival (Canada), Vancouver Jazz Festival (Canada), Victoria Jazz Festival (Canada), Cabaret Sauvage (Paris, France), Respect (Prague, Czhec Republik), Pireneus Sour (Sallent de Gallago, Spain), Festival Santiago de Compostella (Santiago, Spain), Womufe (Budapest, Hungary), International Festival of Folklore (Kaltsruhe, Germany), Tanz and Folkfest (Rudolstadt, Germany), Avignon Festival (France),


- Macsóhímzés (Macho embroidery, 2000, self release)

- Nekemtenemmutogatol (You Can’t Make Me, 2002, Asphalt Tango Records)

- GyÍ! (2004, self release)

- Ha megfogom az ördögöt (Once I catch the devil, 2005, self release)

- Kertünk alatt (Down the Garden, 2011, Narrator Records)