Best Before Yesterday

Best Before Yesterday


An indie emo/pop rock band with memorable hooks, insightful lyrics and an energetic stage performance


This Asheville based band has developed a solid sound all their own and has been steadily gaining the hearts of fans since 2003. Combining memorable hooks with the energy and maturaty of indie emo rock, they have branded their own style of these genres. Insightful lyrics and a powerful and comedic stage performance are all things to be expected at the band’s live shows. With a rapidly growing fan base Best Before Yesterday is one show you would not want to miss.

The band was formed in mid 2003. After a few lineup changes the band now consists of member Colin O’Shea (guitar/vocals), Robbie Thornton (Bass guitar) and Brett Maney (drums). The band has played countless shows in the southeast and plans to continue touring indefinitely. This is one band you should definitely keep an eye out for.

Memorable performances:
1st Place: WOXL Battle of the Bands
2004 Rock The Vote (2nd place battle of the bands)


Soundtrack To The Movie

Written By: Colin O'Shea-Best Before Yesterday

Verse 1
She takes the floor and she is dressed for tonight, feeling alone she begs for attention
She casts her spell so simple and contrived, opens her mouth she always regrets this

Pre Chorus 1
He remains too confused to answer, opens his mouth holds back what he's thinking
I can't be exactly what you're looking for, no just for tonights, how are yous morning say goodbyes

Verse 2
I'll be straightforward if you'll read between the lines, I picture myself much different(ly) than what you see
Even here in the spot of the city lights, I'm always alone, yet they're playing this song for me

Pre Chorus 2
Open invitation, one more keep me grounded, I'm feeling as though that is too much to ask for
And now all that remains is that lipstick stain, and where I bit my lip when you said I am through with this

As it all goes down, I am standing alone, the soundtrack is playing out my ears
And I've figured out, it's not the one where he gets the girl, but he tries in the next scene

Verse 3
Nervous words on the tip of my tongue, and you answer my call cause I'm dialing from a payphone
I'm left with nothing but the lights in this city
Can't help but think and you're always on my mind
Always alone but this song's not the one I need

Pre Chorus 3
There's more than this to me, changed my philosophy, I've more to offer than some desperation
She's making progress now, makes smaller this small town, time's up the word is out let's not regret this


Say only her's can mend me, rewrite the part I play, scripts
Nothing but words now to me, start the next song....

Cross out my flaws, you can see them but I know you're wrong, confirm your deepest fears, everybody's chasing something
Here is the last, thing you said to me, "I've written you out, here's your final scene", here I am , I hope you're happy


Written By: Coling O'Shea and Best Before Yesterday

So enter me, into the scene, a good look now will find me out
Another round, to say hello, then my insides start to show

So enter me, into the scene, a good look now will find me out
She's desperate for, that winning hand, a knowing look and then we're off

So much for conversation, it never did do any good for anyone
In the back seat of a parked car, that's where love was born
But who would know the difference?

Verse 2
You lost that innocence,
long before I met you,
I'm not the only one,
with their sites set upon you
And just two hours ago,
Back when i barely knew you,
I thought we were the same,
you thought we were the same
I expect the worst from you now, So deep in concentration,
The feelings wearing off,
Yea she is wearing off
The scent of your perfume,
Took a whole hour to forget,
I can't believe my ears,
as they ring you again..


So when you think of me tonight, I'll have you know I’m always on..
Always on...always...


I'm tied down, to an impulse, that I'm over now, she's over


Written By: Colin O'Shea and Best Before Yesterday

Through the door and down the stairs,
with apologies I'm waiting here
Don't pretend you ever listened,
Go ahead, and keep it up,
you're an excellent actress with a talent for bluff
And I wont pretend you ever missed me, (missed me)

Cover up the first thing that you were, big plans you fake them I know you are
So long, forget it and move on

Verse 2
These are my footsteps across the floor,
any second now and your cover is blown
But I wont pretend he even kissed you, (kissed you)
History says this wont be the last time,
I'm fighting hard to save that goodbye
But we both know that this is goodbye,
goodbye for the last time


These eyes have seen much better days...
But I'm getting along fine here without you...
And I guess I thought I could
But it's been three weeks and I'm still dreaming for two


A Slow Turn EP
4 song EP to be released May 29th 2007!

Set List

Our set list depends upon the type of show.
Anywhere from 6 to 15 songs to more. (25 minutes to and hour usually, can do more, average set time=40 minutes).
Pretty Doesn't Cut it, Dreamer, Dressed In Proof, Conversations, Currently Untitled, Soundtrack To The Movie, Breaking A Promise, Smile and Say Goodbye, That's What She Said, She Paces, So Much For Wishful Thinking, can do a variety of covers if needed, etc.