Best Friends

Best Friends

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Incorporating electronic percussion, complex yet powerful drumming, melodic strings, keys, and guitars along with stirring vocals and meaningful lyrics into their songs, "Best Friends" delivers a dynamic alternative rock sound with pop sensibilities.


Since 2009, "Best Friends" has played numerous live shows and festivals including playing the 500 Songs for Kids festival three years in a row, as well as playing the 2012 Underground Atlanta Peach Drop Celebration this year. They released an EP entitled "Masters" with their song off the EP "I'm Sorry" being featured on the MTV reality show "Jersey Shore". Their song "The Day I Leave" was featured on MTV's new hit show "Friendzone". Additionally, the band has finished its LP and is scheduled to be released April 24, 2012.

Back in 2009, Rusty (Group X, Manhattan) returned home from Berklee with a suitcase full of songs. Got his brother Brian (Thelma, Civilian) and long time friends Tom (Sleep Therapy, Nuclear Saturday) and Mike (Sleep Therapy) together to see if something could happen. And wouldn't you know it, it did. Add Dan (OBKB, Mini Machine Guns) into the mix and there you have it. 5 guys. Different styles. Different ideas. And somehow it comes together. And somehow they are more than on the same page.

"Best Friends"... an inside joke on the current state of music... on the preconceived ideas from a name or picture... a smile or a handshake... you might think they write "happy"... but in reality it's more "hopeful"...

But lest you should think it's all seriousness with these guys, have some whiskeys with them.


The Day I Leave

Written By: Rusty Weidinger & Brian Kahl

Underneath the trees I might be,
buried or in the ocean deep,
underneath the waves under the sea,
the day I leave this life...

Maybe while I'm driving down the street,
or up above the clouds I could be,
set out in the stars so she could see,
the day I leave this life...

Hope it comes when I'm asleep,
and her body's next to me,
and her weight is in my arms,
the day I leave this life...

Wake Up

Written By: Rusty Weidinger & Brian Kahl

Wake up again,
seeing in the mirror signs,
signs that I'm walking away from you for good...
To hope again,
like waiting for the setting sun,
and one last sleep to wake up in love...

So here I am
The dawn is waiting
To take me away
In sunlight
The road is waiting
And I'm moving on again...

See you again,
one day in the boat you're in
still sinking while I am on the shore...
In love again,
with someone you couldn't be
the same you tried to kill but I'm still me...

So here I am
The dawn is waiting
To take me away
In sunlight
The road is waiting
And I'm moving on again...

All my life waiting...
All my life waiting...
All my life...

Some Deserve

Written By: Rusty Weidinger & Brian Kahl

you died long ago
because the picture shows
a smile on your face...
and an empty stare
and no despair
for the victims you disgrace...

if it happened to you then how can you do what you've done?

does it make you feel
alive and real
using their bodies for fun...
does it make you sad
that they'll never have
a chance to trust and love...

and i hope that it hurts...
when you get what you deserve...

but you and i know better


EP - "Masters"
LP- "TBA"- release date January 24, 2012

Set List

Usually 45 minute set as opening band to 1 hour 15 minutes as headliner. We can adjust our set accordingly to the desired set time.