Best Friends

Best Friends

 Sheffield, England, GBR

A four piece from Sheffield UK. We play garage/surf/pop music.


Emerging from a damp, airless basement rife with decay and broken  equipment Best Friends set about inflicting their warped idea of garage pop on the public, hell bent on taking music back to a time when three minute pop songs  transported you from your miserable maggot existence to a blissful state of nirvana, guitar tones fried your brain and hygiene was a dirty word. 

Armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of WWF, a full set of achievements on Mario Kart and several crates of beer, the band have been delving ever since to reach your most primal instincts.

With mind blowing performances at this year's Great Escape & other British Festivals. The new Fat Cat Records addition sees 2015 looking to be very promising.


Best Friends / Seize The Chair - Split (Too Pure Singles Club, 2013)

Happy Anniversary / Nosebleeds (Art Is Hard Records, 2013)

Surf Bitches (Too Pure Singles Club, 2012)

Best Friends / Grazes - Split (Art Is Hard Records/ Enjoyment Records) 2012

Throwing Up - EP (Art Is Hard Records, 2011)

Best Friends - EP (Self Released, 2011)