Best Friend Solitude

Best Friend Solitude


hatebreed meets rage against machine/e town concrete, smashed into motorhead very very hard! we like to be loud and show why we are who we are from the voice to the music


been ripping the stage for 1 year straight new EP "Beyond all This" out now in stores and online, we work with a lot of energy and extreme style of metal, our performace is not one to miss!! we are Best Friend Solitude out of Providence, RI, formed with 3 orginal members and one new drummer "nick", we are in the progress of writing for the next few months with him and will be on the road shortly see you all in 2008!!!, check out as well for recent updates!


EP (Beyond all This) out now in Newbury Comics in Providence, RI, Warwick, RI, and

Set List

Are set list changes from show to show, no one show is the same, our basic list consist of about 9-12 song set, some of our top songs are "beyond all this Believing", "listen", "Its My Own", "Which One", "Bite The bullet", and many others that we move around from gig to gig....