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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Industrial




"La épica oscuridad de Bestial Mouths en “Ceased”"

Google Translate:
From Los Angeles, Bestial Mouths shows us a little of his brutal dark epic video for the latest single from his second studio album.
Last year this overwhelming quartet released a self-titled excellent material through Clan Destine Records, which quickly positioned Bestial Mouths among the best bands that currently exist within the circuit of events that have taken the essence of goth post -punk , to melt with the emotional catharsis of industrial music . " Ceased " is the third single off of this production , and it now has a commanding visual work Katie Rose , which just took care of literally portray the powerful natural essence of Bestial Mouths .
Also, this video serves to promote the new EP of remixes that will go on sale with Clan Destine Records , which appear exclusive works by Soft Metals , Dalhous , Funerals , Nightchilde , among others.

Original Spanish:
Desde Los Ángeles, Bestial Mouths nos muestra un poco de su brutal oscuridad en el épico vídeo para el más reciente sencillo de su segundo álbum de estudio.
El año pasado este apabullante cuarteto lanzó un excelente material homónimo a través de Clan Destine Records, el cual rápidamente posicionó a Bestial Mouths dentro de las mejores bandas que existen en la actualidad dentro del circuito de actos que han tomado la esencia goth del post-punk, para fundirla con la catarsis emocional de la música industrial. “Ceased” es el tercer sencillo que se desprende de esa producción, mismo que ahora ya cuenta con un trabajo visual al mando de Katie Rose, en el cual simplemente se encargó de retratar de forma literal la poderosa esencia natural de Bestial Mouths.
Además, este vídeo sirve para promocionar el nuevo EP de remixes que pondrán a la venta con Clan Destine Records, en el cual aparecen trabajos exclusivos por parte de Soft Metals, Dalhous, Funerals, Nightchilde, entre otros. - Filter Mexico


Every composition and production from Bestial Mouths is a big, life altering event. Take the extra-terrestrial experiments, rituals and calamities featured on their video for "Earth", to today's viewing of the apocalyptic, shape-shifting premiere of, "Ceased". Following up their vicious but visceral self-titled with an upcoming remix LP for Clan Destine, the LA group continues to crash the so-called sacred crystals of complacency and conformity at every turn. In a time where the goth tag and titles are thrown around without much thought, the Bestial band of Lynette, Christopher, Gustavo, and Jessica bring some of the boldest battle calls, that rattle the cages of mortality for a new way out—and perhaps a new understanding of the self. They trade in gnashed teeth and ominous to sinister synth pop, while dealing in a kind of unrelenting beauty that lies beneath the darkened cloaks and veils.

Which brings us to Katie Rose's video for "Ceased", where once again Bestial Mouths collapse the realms of future, passages of the personal, science fiction, and a frightening and elaborate blend of elegance. What we get are rich headdresses, transforming figures, complicated face fixtures, Romanesque nudes, and the refinement of fire. Again, Lynette takes on the many different forms from regal queen commander, to a statue chorus of faces that resemble stone, hairstyles that cover the eyes like blindfolds, and cameos of impish alien life forms. Lynette's chants strikes against the modes and manuals of identity, that are given visual representation to what could be a midnight mass fashion shoot on a catwalk that connects worlds of the known and unknown, framed by the engulfing borders of flames. Bestial Mouths continue to keep pushing the envelope and raising the bar with an aggressive destruction of expectation, and abiding by aesthetic forms that challenge every fiber of your being, along with the perceptions of yourself and others.

Frontwoman Lynette Cerezo, Jessica Reuter, and Christopher Myrick joined us for a discussion on their new terrifying/wonderful video, the upcoming remix LP from Clan Destine, and more recordings that are currently in session.

The existential crux and inspiration for "Ceased"?

Lynette: Ceased is a commentary on the expectations put on women, or the internal struggle in choosing not to conform to what is expected in the role as a woman and agonizing over how to follow your own path. Rejecting typical gender roles can still mean feeling guilt or shame. I guess its about self-hatred and the difficulty of finding who we are and coming to terms with it. With all of our songs things are left vague though, as we prefer the listener to interpret it in their own way, hoping their experiences and emotions will shape the song into something personal.

As to the video, we just gave Katie the lyrics and let her interpret the song visually. It was amazing to see how it corresponded directly to how the song meant to us.

Insights into the future Bestial Mouths recordings?

Lynette: We are currently in the process of writing new songs. Excited to experiment with incorporating more samples and pushing beyond what is expected.

Jessica: We've been busy in the studio as of late, with tracks to be released soon for a split for DKA Records. We're also releasing a CD version of our sold-out self-titled LP, which will be available in time for our European tour in May.

Chris: We have a remix record from our self titled album too, which will be available through Clan Destine Records around the same time next month.

The following are Bestial Mouths' confirmed EU tour dates, with further information available via Facebook.

14 FI Helsinki, Kuudes Linja
17 DK Copenhagen, Warehouse 9
18 DE Berlin, Urban Spree
20 F Paris, Le Klub
21 BE Ghent, Kinky Star
22 BE Brussels, Central Café
23 F Nantes, Blockhaus DY10
24 ESP Madrid, tba
25 ESP Vitoria-Gasteiz, Ibú Hots
27 IT Milan, Lo Fi
29 CRO Zagreb, Klub Attack
30 HU Budapest, Kontra Klub

01 CZ Prague, Pilot
2 DE Leipzig, Zxrx

Bestial Mouths' remix LP will be available in early May with pre-orders available now from Clan Destine Records. - Impose Magazine

"Watch Bestial Mouths' video for 'Ceased'"

LA outfit Bestial Mouths have been slowly but surely making waves; performing at SXSW, an upcoming European tour in May and June in support of their self-titled album, and now this, a stunning - if somewhat disconcerting - video to accompany new song 'Ceased'.

Directed by the amazingly talented Katie Rose, the video mirrors the song - dark and unnerving, it's full of striking imagery in a muted palette of blacks and whites. It's not quite NSFW, but it comes close, a brilliant interpretation of the song's tribal rhythms, gothic undertones, and clattering industrial guitars. You can see for yourself below.

Confirmed EU dates.

17-05 DK Copenhagen - Underwerket
18-05 DE Berlin - Urban Spree
21-05 BE Ghent - Kinky Star
22-05 BE Brussels - Central Café
24-05 ESP Madrid - TBC
25-05 ESP Vitoria-Gasteiz - Ibú Hots
27-05 IT Genova - Garage1517
29-05 CRO Zagreb - Klub Attack
30-05 - HU Budapest - Kontra Klub
01-06 CZ Prague - Pilot Klub - the 405

"Bestial Mouths ready new LP and tour, including two shows in NYC (dates), including 1 w/ Azar Swan who have a new song"

Bestial Mouths incoporate elements of EBM, industrial, and goth with vocals that have the the power and fragility of Siouxsie Sioux. The band is readying their new self-titled LP for release on June 25 from Clan Destine Records. Stream "Reunion" below for the first time.
Bestial Mouths have a few live dates planned for the near future, including a stop at Glasslands on July 15 with Azar Swan and Cthulu Fantasy, (tickets) and two days later as part of Nothing Changes on July 17. All tour dates are below.
In related news, Azar Swan recently posted a new track as well. Check out "In My Mouth" below.
06.22.13 - San Diego, CA @ The Void
06.23.13 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Troubadour w/ Austra
06.26.13 - San Francisco, CA @ The Independent w/ Austra
07.08.13 - New Orleans, LA @ Circle Bar
07.09.13 - Atlanta, GA @ DKA at 529
07.11.13 - Asheville, NC @ Broadways
07.14.13 - Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
07.15.13 - Brooklyn, NY @ Glasslands
07.17.13 - New York, NY @ Nothing Changes at Home Sweet Home
07.21.13 - Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop
07.22.13 - Detroit, NY @ Something Cold - Brooklyn Vegan

"Bestial Mouths: Music for the Apocalypse"

“We want people to feel alive by being disturbed by our sounds and the images we connect with them.”

What does the end of the world look like? A flock of sheep roaming the halls of a mansion, about to be set upon by ravenous dinner party guests like a pack of wolves.

Listening to the apocalyptic sound of L.A.’s Bestial Mouths, one wonders: are we the sheep or the wolves?

The aforementioned predatory scene, taken from surrealist master Luis Bunuel’s film, The Annihilating Angel, depicts how quickly social custom can give way to savagery in the face of disaster, as a group of people finds itself physically unable to leave a dinner party. And the situation grows more surreal as they realize they are not trapped – they simply cannot leave.

Just as surrealism arose from the Dadaist response to the horrors of World War I, Bestial Mouths looks to surrealism for a musical means to examine and describe our own era’s dark heart: washes of thick, heavy reverberating synths; a barrage of stuttering drums; and anguished, keening vocals all coalesce into an electric, roaring nightmare.

Song lyrics are devised from cut-ups, says vocalist Lynette Cerezo, using the same cut’n’paste method employed by the Dadaists and later popularized by Naked Lunch author William S. Burroughs. The words “usually start with dreams or automatic writing,” adds band co-founder and synthesist Christopher Myrick. Calling to mind Cocteau‘s assertion that a literary masterpiece is only a dictionary out of order, the technique entails re-ordering the words and phrases of a preexisting text to reveal a new work seemingly hidden within.

The song “Gulls” offers a compelling example, particularly as voiced by Cerezo’s transfixing siren call, which is equal parts Siouxsie Sioux and Diamanda Galas:

On the sickening edge of the air
In a weeping telepathy
Take a piece of our silence
And bring you screaming back to me
As videos for “Gulls” and more recently “White Eyes” attest, the same dark surrealist influence extends to the band’s visuals. Similar to the Alejandro Jodorowsky film Holy Mountain, imagery includes elemental totems, mystical atmospheres, and beautiful, desolate landscapes as dangerous as they are breathtaking. Cerezo reflects, “I guess in my eyes it has always kind of felt like the end of the world. Not necessarily in a depressed way, but just…knowing at any given moment any catastrophic event could happen – like my own death, which would be the end of the world for me.”

Directed by Niko Sonnberger, “White Eyes” portrays the band members as Romero-like undead figures, shuffling through the desert as the victims of their own zombie apocalypse – although, Myrick notes, “for it to be a real apocalypse they would probably need to be fast zombies.” (adds Cerezo, “the idea of an infection spreading rapidly or zombies with speed is really frightening to me.”)

The intended affect of their work, both visual and aural, is transformative. The band’s second synthesist, Gustavo Aldana, compares the band’s sound to the Andrzej Żuławski film, Diabel (The Devil):

“There is a constant questioning of reality and paranoia in the movie. In the film, the protagonist is saved from a war prison only to witness betrayal and misery enough to drive him insane. Beyond the subject matter, the sound and imagery evoke this bleak environment – the opening sequence particularly. Scenes of bloody chaos and insanity combined with harsh noise are quite relative to our sound.”

Of cinema and music he observes:

“When we see something that moves us and disturbs us in some way, it leaves a mark related to that piece that we will never forget. We would like to create that experience for our audiences…We want people to feel alive by being disturbed by our sounds and the images we connect with them.”

The band recently returned from their first European tour. “We met a lot of people and went to so many places. It’s overwhelming,” says drummer Jessica Reuter, “when I think back. Touring with Animal Bodies was especially great; Sam and Natasha were incredibly nice and easy to get along with, and it definitely made the trip special. There’s really nothing better than waking up in a new place every day and being able to play for an audience every night.”

Doomsday prophecies notwithstanding, the new Bestial Mouths split-12” with Deathday will be released on Desire Records in mid-February, ahead of their appearance at SXSW in March. An LP release is planned for Clandestine Records. - Dark Media Online


Bestial Mouths, the industrial electro-goth foursome from Los Angeles, do a pretty great job of creating carnal, post-punk beats that make you feel oh so dirty, yet oh so right. They just sent us their upcoming self-titled LP, the next offering after their 2011 debut, Hissing Veil. Their LP is slated for release on June 25th through Clan Destine Records, but you can get a sneak peak and stream their new album right here. Seriously, if Lynette Cerezo’s screeching vocals don’t paralyze you with overwhelming paranoia then you’re probably a sociopath. - Noisey / Vice


In the unsettling video for Bestial Mouths' "Earth", banshee commander Lynette Cerezo is transformed into an extraterrestrial earthling from another world. Found on their earth-quaking self-titled, director Niko Sonnberger summons a latent primordial fear of the unknown by colliding gnostic superstitions with the untold dangers of trying to confine, manipulate, and control a bestial and wild new found species.

The opening video static frame shots of desert rock formations, a barren swimming pool followed by a hand picking up a globe device initiate a view of a world as familiar, as it is foreign and outright frightening. The fear stems from the upward standing strands of spikes from Lynette's spine, as her blue hued creature creation is chased across the cactus brushed canyons. Her song rings out to her soon to be captors in a loveless desert habitat, as the video switches from high-definition film to cut transitions framed like the documented evidence of personal handicams for anthropological-scientific research and study.

Caught in a net and left mercilessly in an unsecured pool, her captors heed not their alien's siren song of warning. As drums crash in time to the sound of bells cut loose from their church tower prisons; Lynette's matching grey and black coordinated bandmate minders of Christopher Myrick, Gustavo Aldana, and Jessica Reuter mess with blood extracted samples and powers from the occultist force from an ancient bound book with a triangle shape on the cover. Speaking chants recited in unison, their experiments go awry when the book is handed to the long finger-nailed grasp of their captive specimen. Without giving too much away, the vicious transformation and retaliation occurs in a way that brings forth the epitome of the band's moniker and a statement of caution to the ears and minds that cannot hear nor see.

Frontwoman Lynette Cerezo, with Bestial Mouths bandmates Gustavo Aldana, and Jessica Reuter gave us an exclusive behind the scenes peak at the making of their video for "Earth".

Lynette: The making of 'Earth' was definitely an intense and grueling physical process for me, but I enjoyed the challenging transformation. Call time was at 3am and I had to be airbrushed blue outside in the cold. Maybe I was blue from hypothermia as well. Once in full makeup I couldn't do anything because of the nails. In that way I did feel like a helpless, strange alien. Working with Niko and her talented crew is a honor and it was so cool to watch her vision unfold.

Jessica: Taking Lynette to the shooting location in Joshua Tree was an experience. We had to put her in a giant sun hat and robe to hide the blue weirdness from any park rangers- it was like dressing up E.T. Filming was arduous at times, but Bestial Mouths videos have to be at least a little painful or else the sentiment is lost! The desert backdrop was perfect for the tone of the song, though...desolate but warm. We love working with Niko and her crew- they're really some of the most hard-working, wonderful people you could ever hope to encounter...and the fact that they're into creepy, unsettling aesthetics just seals the deal.

Gus: Niko crafted an amazing narrative and is really able to capture the unsettling qualities of our music. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to collaborate with someone who understands and is able to negotiate our aesthetic so fully. The way she imagines and crafts the ideas and images of the video are really fitting to the song. She truly understands how to create a disturbing atmosphere and that is very important as part of our mission with music is to make people feel a disturbance; we hope our sounds and words inspire raw emotions and visceral reactions and Niko is fantastic at stimulating those kinds of reactions with her directorial vision. - Impose Magazine


Self-Titled LP -Produced by David Psutka of Egyptrixx (Clan Destine Records 2013)
Bestial Mouths/Deathday Split 12" (Desire Records/Sweating Tapes 2013)
"Never Alive"  - Snowy Red tribute album _ever Alive (Weyrd Son Records 2013)
Live Cassette (Black Horizons 2012)
Hissing Veil LP (Dais Records 2011)

Coming Soon:
S/T Remix LP (Clan Destine Records) May 2014
Split 7" Noblesse Oblige Records
Split 7" DKA Records Summer 2014



Pooling together a group of influences as diverse as its members, BESTIAL MOUTHS present a raw, synth-driven energy propelled by singer Lynette Cerezo's powerful vocals. Often likened to Diamanda Galas, Siouxsie Sioux or Lydia Lunch, Cerezo delivers each note with fury and abandon. Synthesists/keyboardists Christopher Myrick and Gustavo Aldana channel early industrial, EBM, goth and minimal synth pop in turns, blending harsh electronics and lush melodies. When fused to Aldanas splintered programmed beats and the tribal rhythms and samples of drummer Jessica Reuter, the harmonics combine to breathe new life into post punk, weaving their own distinct creation in the process.

Bestial Mouths released their debut album in 2011 on Dais Records. In 2012, the band released a live cassette recorded from a performance supporting the legendary Psychic TV through Black Horizons. Later that year, the band performed at SXSW and toured Europe, performing in Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, Hungary and the Czech Republic. A new LP produced by David Psutka of Egyptrix and split 12 inch were released in 2013 by Clan Destine Records and Sweating Tapes/Desire Records respectively, followed by performances at San Franciscos Independent and Los Angeles Troubadour supporting Austra and a US tour including headlining spots at Brooklyn's Glasslands gallery, Austins Mohawk and the Grog Shop in Cleveland. A second tour of Europe is planned for spring 2014. 

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