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Miami, Florida, United States | SELF

Miami, Florida, United States | SELF
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These songs were promoted in over 400 college and national radio stations by Adam Lewis, one of the best promoters in the music industry. And according to radio tests conducting by another one of the best promoters Paul Loggins and his affiliations, "Song of Soloman 2" gets 4 stars which are the most stars a hit song can get. And "The true Lovers" gets 2 stars which most hit songs get.
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In early 2002 when I met Andrew, my best friend, manager, bible, chess and natural healing teacher at a bus stop in Miami. I was impressed with his bible knowledge. Among other things, we discussed about my active interest in the music industry. Interestingly, he already had spiritual words and text written to be put into music.
We play real light, live party spiritual songs and COMPA music.
This musical style is sequenced in a synthesizer and played with 8 other live instruments or more: Drum, accompaniment Guitar, lead Guitar, Bass, Trumpet, Saxophone, Trombone, Conga and Cowbell are all recorded over the track after the singers. Please log in or to watch one of my videos "Color of Love" to see most of the musicians there.

Kingdom was founded in 2004 when I went to Ams music school & recording studio to record my first CD,
"Turn on the Light." I met most of the musicians there. After completing my first CD and starting the second one "Imitate Yawah and Yashwaw" with them, they agreed to continue doing business with me.

"The true Lovers" is about empathy which is one of the things I admire the most among what I've learned from Andrew. "Put yourself in some body's shoes to see how you'd feel being treated that way."

"Song of Soloman" and "Song of Soloman 2" are based upon the book of Song of Solomon in the bible. Being in Love with shulammite maiden, King Solomon wrote songs describing nature and non nature terms to express his Love for her. However; she wrote songs describing nature and non nature terms to express her love for her boyfriend.

In both songs, Andrew wrote the poems using nature terms to describe most of the body parts such as your hair is like a beautiful tree; your mouth is like a beautiful kangaroo; your arms are like the excellent rain; your hands are like the excellent wind ect. I wrote the poems about the smile and made them into songs. These songs describe the one you Love in much more nature terms.

"Color of Love"- A simplication of life is to love Yawah, and love your neighbor as yourself. And to keep that Love growing, one needs to keep the Love going. Love will find the way.