A dynamic yet diverse alternative/ modern rock band with an edge. From captivating vocal melodies and chord progressions to a powerful and solid rhythm section. Best Selling Authors puts on a STELLAR live performance.


your new favorite band...

Plugged-in yet detached, thought-out but spontaneous, BEST SELLING AUTHORS breaks through genres but retains that timeless straight forward rock sound that is here to stay. With members coming from such bands as Lennon (Arista), Groovezilla (Mausoleum Records) and Waking Season (Columbia/Sony) “BSA” never holds back, coming right at you with a wall of guitars filled with creativity and harmonic dynamics. Their solid and precise rhythm section coupled with hook filled vocals, make the sweetest pop candy seem bitter in comparison. The band commands a huge buzz currently in their hometown of Lexington, Kentucky, but it doesn’t stop there; BSA’s buzz extends throughout Kentucky and now up the east coast. Their hype is entirely based on word of mouth, and is backed up by their energetic and stellar live performances.

BSA has more road and recording experience than most major label bands. Evidence of this is the invitations they constantly receive to perform at many large events and festivals and having toured collectively or individually with the following at one point or another: Motley Crue, Aerosmith, The Cult, Stereomud, Monster Magnet, Buckcherry, Deftones, Drowning Pool, Days of the New, Tesla, Diecast, 24-7 Spyz, Bad Brains, HR, Downset, Soil, Godhead, and many many more. BSA continues to tour the east coast, conquering everything from radio festivals to headlining shows of their own.

As 2007 rolls forward, BSA is in the process of completing their second full-length album. They are currently finishing writing and demoing new material and hope to enter the studio late 2007. They have their eyes on Gridlock Studios, working with producers Justin Thomas (Course of Nature, Submersed) and Brett Hestla (Creed, Virgos Merlot). With endorsers flocking to them, including; SPECTOR BASSES, AMPEG, SJC DRUMS, BOSPHORUS CYMBALS, VATER DRUMSTICKS, ATTACK DRUMHEADS, ROCKTRON, GHS STRINGS, and XORCIST CLOTHING they’re now being heralded by industry, in addition to their fans, as the next big thing. In the meantime, the quintet is staying true to their do-it-yourself work ethic as they continue to hit the regional Mid-Western scene with persistence, in order to maintain close contact with the community that gave rise to them. With an arsenal of songs ranging from heavy rock to your hook-filled radio songs, BSA is able to assert a strong sense of radio appeal, while maintaining credibility with their fans. Enter the era of new music – Best Selling Authors


2007 - The Exchange of Pleasantries. Available on CDbaby. Get it!

Set List

1. War Games
2. When It All Goes Down
3. Pull Away
4. So Wrong
5. Requiem
6. Love Anyway
7. Nothing Personal
8. Don't Speak

Our set runs between 40 and 45 min.
No covers yet although we are working on a few.
We've worked hard on our set list and it has been tried and true.