Beszhak (pronounced beige-ack) has a mixed voice of roots rock, pop and jazz and have been extremely well accepted in the Seattle/Eastside area. With only 3 of them it is impressive how original and creative a sound they can produce. Be on the look-out for these young, talented up and comers.


Beszhak (pronounced beige-ack) has a mixed voice of roots rock, pop and jazz. Hailing from Seattle, the trio's lineup consists of vocalist and songwriter Isaiah Washington, guitarist and songwriter Sean Beszhak and vocalist, percussionist and songwriter Craig Headlee. At Beszhak’s inception in the fall of 2003, Sean and Craig began to jam for fun in their spare time. As the duo learned to play together, Sean started writing songs of his own and before they knew it, the two were offered consistent gigs at the Lyon’s Den, a hot spot for Cascadia college students. In May of 2004, friend and songwriter Isaiah Washington began to sit in on Beszhak practice sessions and was asked to join the band full time, allowing Sean to expand on his already dynamic guitar ability. As the trio played more and more shows at the Lyon’s Den, they began to develop quite a following on the Eastside catching the eye and ear of local artist Levi Ware. He immediately invited Beszhak to open for his band, the funk-pop super-group Vast Capital, at Seattle’s Suite G. Beszhak has since played with local acts Ordinary State, Kristina Speed, Katie Davis, and Bradbury Press hitting such stages as the Dubliner, Ballard Firehouse, EMP Liquid Lounge, The Rock Bottom, Bay Street Coffee, The Starlight and performed at Western and Central Washington Universities. Beszhak's sound is a diverse one. They are influenced by legends like Joao Gilberto, Van Morrison, and John Lennon and they resemble modern acts such as Ben Harper, Damien Rice, and Seu Jorge. The greatest trait of Beszhak is the range of talent of each member of Beszhak. Sean, Isaiah and Craig all have the ability and charisma to front a group of their own, but chose to collaborate with each other instead. Because of their willingness to share leads, vocals and ideas, Beszhak continues to construct songs with natural progressions, meaningful lyrics, smooth melodies and beautiful harmonies. Beszhak is always writing and performing and plans to play shows all summer long in the Northwest and perhaps beyond.


Mind Apart

Written By: Beszhak

Rain slips through concrete cracks
watch your step retrace it back
up and over walls, to take care of it all
so I can pass through all my days
with something to say
shadows fade with the light of your mind
watch them grow through your time
watch them fall overboard
a blue sea fallin' toward
nothin will be clear
what words will you hear
take time to breathe
look deep, and beneath
hands and deep hearts with eyes
with a mind apart

waves and wind push trouble aside
to the side of close to fight
catastrophe from hurricanes
awful blows of wind to blame
the damage from up and down
through the town and all around



Beszhak Demo released 6/2/2005
4 song EP released 11/06

Set List

Brown Eyes
By my side
Mind Apart
How can you Smile
By the time
Do you believe
Grady's song
by the time

All Along the Watchtower (Bob Dylan)
Amie (Damien Rice)
Diamonds on the inside (Ben Harper)
Walk Away (Ben Harper)
In the Air Tonight (Phil Collins)
Blame it on the Tetons (Modest Mouse)
Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground (White Stripes)
Untold (pete francis)