Beta Lion

Beta Lion

 San Diego, California, USA

Hello, this is the EPK of the itsy bitsy rock band that could, Beta Lion. We're currently in the studio recording our first full length album.


Beta Lion is a band of brothers, cousins, and best friends. They are a four-piece indie rock band whose high-concept lyrics are cleverly, neatly, and artfully packaged into catchy pop rock songs. Coming from an area in San Diego that historically produces more gangs than bands, Beta Lion is like a rare urban mythological creature.

Beta Lion's 2014 release "Written In Sand" (available on iTunes; was well reviewed by critics (See press section), and has received airplay in both the U.S. and in the U.K.

Beta lion is currently in the studio, working on their first full-length album "Urban Mythological," to be released in the spring of 2016 by Villains Records. The first single off of the upcoming album, "Dynasty" is set to release in early December 2015.


This Is A Party

Written By: Beta Lion

Well, everybody needs a bit of me in their life. Well, no.
This is a party. Everybody came to party—hey.
This is a party. Everybody move your body—hey.

Faces & Heels

Written By: Beta Lion

Our collect calls get declined
to let them know that we’re alright.
The name is Kay Fabian.
In the next town, we’ll call again.

You struck me with a low-blow
to help the crowd enjoy the show.
The game is I always win.
This face this face this face is wearing thin, no no.

I need you to make me feel good.

The crowd stands up to curse your name.
Their growing hate, your growing fame.
You cheat, you stick, you steal,
you lose, you work our deal;
cause I’m the face and you’re the heel.

I need you to make me feel good.

Love Aside

Written By: Beta Lion

Now that I have done the math
and carried the one, moved my decimal.
This handy calculator graphs
any formula and finds the sum.

This could be the final draft.
So first, I’ll save, then print out the page.
I hold right here in my hand
the paper where we look good.

If x represents our love,
then x never exceeded one.

But love aside,
it just adds up right.
Cause the feeling’s overrated.