kim ruehl & betamax

kim ruehl & betamax


candid, irreverent, bleeding-heart politics prevail. onstage kim ruehl jumps and rocks like a boat in a storm, careening through the dichotomous canyons of her lyrics. one moment singing in the wake of a broken heart, the next caterwailing a crafted, hearty 'Damn the Man'.


Kim Ruehl has been entertaining crowds in venues ranging from subway platforms to Unitarian Universalist churches to clubs like CBGB Gallery in NYC and record stores in the Northwest for going on a decade now. After years of classical training on flute, piano and voice, she headed out at 19 to tour the US as a solo folksinger. Since then, she's been zigging and zagging back and forth across the contiguous 48, living and playing in cities from Portland to New Orleans to New York and every major and minor stop in between. Now based in Seattle, she performs regularly at Seattle's finest folk venues, and works as a freelance writer.

A lifelong guitarist, Dean Luce has been playing the mandolin since 2006, but man, he can rock it. A member of Bellingham bluegrassers the Red Wreckers, Dean relocated to Seattle in 2006. We swiped him off craigslist, and he's been adding his smooth stylings ever since.



Written By: Kim Ruehl

Yesterday I woke and my excuses had disappeared
They left in the night with my baggage and my fear
They left no explanation just a clean, empty cell
Then the morning bowled me over with her spell

So I took to the mountain range
To climb as high as I can
Ready to fall down on my face
I am ready to stand again

Now I understand the reason for roots --
To hold the earth together as it moves
Because stillness is only stillness 'til it shifts
And the clouds only block the light 'til they lift

So I took to the mountain range
To climb as high as I can
Ready to fall down on my face
I am ready to stand again

"Better Late Than Never"

Written By: Kim Ruehl

Can we be quiet for just one minute
Listen to the silence and the poetry within it
There is some truth here -- my God, I know it
But we get so drowned out, our minds get blown out

I used to drive my car down long and dark streets
Through varied landscapes, through booming cities
Through hours of darkness all by myself, dear
And every road I took landed me right here

It ain't no secret, man we all know it
We're on the wrong track, we've really blown it
Can we just stop now, can we apologize?
Can we be honest, look each other in the eyes
And say we're sorry, we never meant it
We just got afraid, didn't know what else to do
We should've stopped them and what they did in our name
Now we're so sorry for what we've done to you

We all want peace now, let's just admit it
Tear down this system and start to rebuild it
Let's make a new plan, let's work together
Because peace is better late than never

Peace is better late than never ...


Kim Ruehl Solo Recordings:
band of one: live in winder, ga (independent, 2002)
transcend (independent, 2005)
let it go EP (independent, 2006)

Kim Ruehl & Betamax:
betamax self-titled EP (independent, 2007)

Set List

sets vary depending on the nature and style of venue. kim is used to playing sets that last anywhere from 30-120 minutes. covers are very rare but may include:

cops of the world, by phil ochs
love me i'm a liberal, by phil ochs
pour some sugar on me, by def leppard
this land is your land, by woody guthrie
pastures of plenty, by woody guthrie
sign o' the times, by prince
everybody wants to rule the world, by tears for fears