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Beta Plus Embryo

New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


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"Album Review: Beta Plus Embryo’s Time Kills Everything"

So what should you know about Beta Plus Embryo? They’re a New York area-based quartet whose name is inspired by a character in Aldous Huxley’s classic novel, Brave New World. The piano chords that start off the “Time Kills Everything” create an eerily anxious feeling that you can’t shake – perfect for a trip into an inescapable, nightmare. With the reverb heavy guitar chords at the beginning of “Cog in the Machine,” I was reminded of a much more muscular version of some of the songs on Mother and Father’s excellent EP. The guitars propel the song towards its conclusion with a powerful, heavy-metal styled chug before a cathartic fade out. “From Within,” continues the powerfully muscular chugging guitars, complete with mood setting background noises. The drumming throughout is played with a forcefully mechanical precision. Strangely, the beginning of “Temper the Shape,” reminded me of a little bit of a song off Devo’s Freedom of Choice album and Orgy’s Candyass. I thought of Orgy’s cover of New Order’s “Blue Monday” during the powerfully intense bridge, a section that feels like a hundred thousand hammers raining down on you. Just that section alone may be worth the price of admission. Because they’re a self-described Industrial Rock band, their lead singer’s vocals may sound familiar — for me I hear a little bit of Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars. Others may hear Maynard James Keenan of Tool and A Perfect Circle fame. Admittedly, the album’s production is slick and super polished. Beta Plus Embryo create a towering, powerful noise, and there’s a lot going on musically within the album. It may take repeated listens to completely process everything you’re actually hearing. It’s an impressive effort and hopefully a continuation of what may be an interesting musical year. - The Joy of Violent Movement

"Local Rock Concert Showcases Mix of New Bands and Local Favorites"

Local rock shows are always an interesting mix.  Unlike concerts with well-known acts, the crowd is almost impossible to judge, as nobody knows all the bands on the bill.  Still, it’s always fun to see the mixed crowd as they come and go and to hear lesser-known bands just getting their start.  This was the setting of the June 10th Rock the Bowery concert at Ace of Clubs.

The venue, which is on Great Jones Street just below Acme Bar and Grill, seemed no bigger than an oversized garage, but for a Manhattan basement club, it was a rock show setting. 

The only real problem was that the sound guy didn’t seem to have a great grasp on how to work a loud rock sound into a small space, but he still did a decent job.  Otherwise, Ace of Clubs is a low-key place worth checking out.

To review a local concert as if it were any other show would be impossible; each band is some form of rock music, but they all have their own personality, sound and following—and some are still trying to find out exactly where they stand.

New York’s Beta Plus Embryo (, the band with the biggest following of the night. They took the stage entirely lit in blue throughout the set, which fit their darker sound nicely—imagine early Nine Inch Nails with a bit of British electro influence, i.e. New Order.  Electronic beats were peppered throughout the songs, but just enough to still not drown out the drummer.  They are definitely a band to check out, and they could be heading for a bigger venue if the right opportunity comes up. - ALLMEDIANY

"Interview with Steve Gallo Drummer of BETA PLUS EMBRYO with Joel Jarrett of WKJML Rock Radio"

Do to the overwhelming response and heavy rotation of BETA PLUS EMBRYO's track "Enemy waters"
Joel Jarrett of Kansas radio station KJML requested an on air interview with drummer
Steve Gallo. - WKJML Rock Radio Kansas


Time Kills Everything - Six Song EP Currently being played on Rock107.1 KMJL Columbus, Kansas City, AOL Radio, WSOU 89.5 Seton Hall Pirate Radio and other college radio stations across the nation. All six songs were produced by Jay Gordon (Lead singer of Orgy) and Nick Rowe (Guitarist from Blood Simple). They were also mixed by Jay Bumgarder at NRG Studios. All songs listed below are available for purchase on iTunes.

- Time Kills Everything
- Cog in the Machine
- Temper the Shape
- From Within
- Dismantled




“As a band, we approach everything very democratically, so our process is inherently organic.
Each concept comes from a different experience and surfaces in every element of our music.
The result seeks to provoke thought while gripping the listener with something that is natural and real.”

With a name inspired by Aldous Huxely’s classic novel Brave New World, New York City’s Beta Plus
Embryo is an alternative/industrial/rock project founded in 2007. Straddling a wide range of genres,
Beta Plus Embryo’s music blends heaving grooves with hypnotic soundscapes to create an experience
that delves deep into the darkness of the human condition. Drawing musical influence from such diverse
acts as The Cure, Skinny Puppy, Depeche Mode, Joy Division, and The Melvins, Beta Plus Embryo has
creatively developed a distinct and versatile sound, complex with emotion that appeals to a wide range of
psyches and tastes. With driving clockwork rhythm and sonically robust, brooding melodies teamed with
entrancing vocals that weave seamlessly from angst-felt to haunting, Beta Plus Embryo’s sound has been
described as a reminiscent combination of such iconic acts as A Perfect Circle, The Deftones, Failure,
Jane’s Addiction, New Order, and Nine Inch Nails.

In 2008, Beta Plus Embryo joined forces with Jay Gordon, producer/lead singer of the acclaimed synth
rock band Orgy, to begin work on its debut EP. After the completion of three tracks, recorded in both New
York City and at Jay Gordon’s D1 Music Studio in Los Angeles, the group teamed with producer/musician
Nick Rowe (Bloodsimple, Vision of DIsorder) to complete what would become its Time Kills Everything
EP. The effort was mixed by both Nick Rowe and record producer/engineer/mixer Jay Baumgardner
(Evanescence, Helmet, Orgy, Coal Chamber) at NRG Recording Studios in North Hollywood, California.

Upon its release on March 25, 2010, Time Kills Everything was critically well received:

“. . . Beta Plus Embryo differentiate themselves with lacerating electronics and forceful vocals. Ethereal vocals
soar over self-aware instrumentation which neither meanders needlessly (as some of their peers do) nor is
overbearing with its aggressive edge . . . someone in this vein is sure to hit upon the next Nine Inch Nails or
perhaps Radiohead, depending on how the cards are dealt."
—Jordon Volz, The Silent Ballet

"Beta Plus Embryo create a towering, powerful noise, and there’s a lot going on musically within the album. It may
take repeated listens to completely process everything you’re actually hearing. It’s an impressive effort . . .”
—William Helms, The Joy of Violent

"Beta walks the path of possibly attracting massive crowds . . .”


"Walking the line between aggressive and radio friendly can be very tough to do, but Beta Plus Embryo nailed
it. . . . We need to keep a close eye on Beta Plus Embryo because the new album has the opportunity to be a
massive hit."

Off the strength of the title track, Beta’s EP began popping up on college and Internet radio stations
across the US and Europe. In the fall of 2010, Kansas City’s major rock radio station, 107.1 "The Rock
Station," picked up Time Kills Everything and began spinning the tracks "Enemy Waters" and "Time Kills
Everything," which were warmly embraced by listeners. Due to overwhelming requests, the tracks were
placed on heavy rotation. In November of 2010, they received 300 spins on Rock 107.1.

In March of 2011, Beta Plus Embryo reconvened with producer Nick Rowe at Spin Recording Studios to
begin work on The Swarm—its follow-up EP. Upon completion, The Swarm was quickly released to radio.
In April of 2011, Rock 107.1 debuted the title track, which quickly made the station’s top spins list. By May
of 2011 "The Swarm" became the number-one requested song alongside tracks by such bands as Tool,
Korn, and Incubus. Since the fall of 2010, Beta Plus Embryo’s music has been a fixture on Rock 107.1.

Since its inception, Beta Plus Embryo has toured regionally across the East Coast, opening for such acts
as We Are The Fallen, Celldweller, Kittie, Shadows Fall, and For The Taking. Shoring up their line-up with
the addition of Steve Gallo (formally of Agnostic Front fame) on drums, Beta Plus Embryo are primed to
spread its music to the masses.