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Bete Noire (S/T) E.P. Winter 2006/2007
1) Awake
2) She thinks She slept with God
3) Excuse Me Sir
4) Please Just
5) Painted a Picture
6) Dissolution
7) Hyestan


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Newest addition to the music business today, releasing some of the most relevant and downright important music, already gaining a lot of attention and turning heads, Bete Noire - guitarist/singer Vartevar Sarkissian, singer Ararad Sarkissian, bassist Matt Dusenbury and drummer Fernando Villalobos - unleash an innovative sound that will catch the attention of its listeners.

You can count on Bete Noire, one of rock’s most daring and innovative bands, to do things in its own way, and with a level of commitment that’ll knock the wind right out of you. "This band is what a lot of bands in the business cannot be; the potent trifecta of, sincerity and real danger" pronounced "the best Revisionists, agitators." If you were looking for the ultimate one-sentence summation of this extraordinary band, that’s pretty good. Vocalist Ararad has his own insight saying, "I think the reason people like us, is that we're different, honest, and have something to say in our music. We are not lying with what we say, and we are speaking about everyday life, peope can relate to what we have to say".

Vartevar also goes to say " Our music has always been questioning, and mind boggling. And that still remains, our music is open to interpretation."

Bete Noire is a band out of Markham, Ontario. Formed by Vartevar and Fernando. From previous bands they finally realized they wanted to do something different. Vartevar persuaded his brother Ararad to give the band a chance, and it clicked. The Two Armenian brothers found harmony, chemistry in what they were bringing to the table vocally and musically. Finally Lost Bassist Matt auditions and is instantly inserted into the lineup.

The Influences of the band vary but as Fernando said "We sound like Bete Noire, no matter what the influence, we are still ourselves, no band we say will match to what we are doing".

The band has no overriding concept, meaning each of their songs are—just as Matt says—essentially a representation of these particular individuals at a particular moment in time. Simple, right? Right. And also incredibly complex—as complex as human beings and the world they’re living in, a world seemingly without absolutes or easy answers.

"We are not like your everyday band, we have been doing this together for a long time. Bete Noire has been a working project for the past 5 years, and it has finally come together" says Vartevar

According to Ararad, the ramping up of melody and vocal interaction between the two collaborators is “part of the band’s evolution.” "This is what is opening the eyes, the way we bring our voices, and our music together. The music and the lyrics are different, and to put them together to create a relationship is amazing" says Ararad.

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"you-dont-know-what-you-want, to think-you-want-me"

The passive eye-to-eye existance; verbally ejected with the follow-up: "I Never Really Gave A SHHH!"
Everyone seems to have an opinion, not just "any", something so clear and concise -only for the simple fact, the person on their left - is better at debating their beliefs; Everyone wants to be able to carry themselve's, with a 'chest' so uplifted, that even constructive-criticism, given-wisdom & truthful-dignity , vibrates off their vacant cranium and only in their minds (equals) hostility;
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"HATE" We're all "Hollywood", Our Lives' are televized, & We are on one big island, trying to "Survive" by fighting for Immunity; All for the simple "bragging-right" ; & the ability to make sure, you last till the next Episode.. atleast. a well deserved Introduction, to