Bethany and the Guitar

Bethany and the Guitar

 Arlington, Virginia, USA

Smooth vocals, ukeleles, guitars, mandolins, and songs that stay in your head for days - all describe up and coming Bethany and the Guitar. Having sung in front of crowds since 15, Bethany Parks fronts the organic group and is about to release her first full length album in the Spring.


Bethany has always loved to sing, but it was only after she began recording with her brother, Kurtis Parks, that she realized her passion for songwriting. Shortly after recording the song “As Long As I’ve Got You” in her bedroom, she and her brother created a music myspace under the name “Bethany and the Guitar,” and it stuck. The project slowly developed from a hobby when the two had free time to something much more.

The desire to become a well-established indie singer-songwriter really settled with Bethany when she attended an Ingrid Michaelson show for the first time:

“She really engages her fans and has so much fun on stage,” says Bethany, “I was watching her and thinking about how she built this whole huge following from the ground up and I suddenly realized–I could do that too. I literally texted my brother Kurtis immediately and said ‘I’m at the Ingrid Michaelson concert and I really think I want do music for REAL.’”

And they have. Because Kurtis lived in Nashville and Bethany in Blacksburg, VA, they would co-write by sending short video clips of a melody or guitar riff, and built off each other’s ideas. They recorded wherever they could. The songs “Soul with a Body” and “In the End” were recorded in the guest bedroom of Bethany’s mother’s house. The song “Careful with Me” was recorded in Bethany’s freshman dorm, and “In Need” was recorded at a christian summer camp where Kurtis was leading worship. These songs and “As Long As I’ve Got You” made up Bethany’s first release, an EP that debuted February 2010. They're currently working on Bethany's first full length album, which will be released in Spring 2011.

Bethany and the Guitar is:

Bethany Parks (lead vocals, ukulele, acoustic guitar)

Kurtis Parks (vocals, guitars, keys)

Sarah Parks (keys, background vocals, bass)

Nick Welsh (drums, acoustic guitar).


I don't know

Written By: Kurtis Parks & Bethany Parks

I can't see the sun shining anymore
Now that you have gone, I just can't ignore
All that you have left piled on the floor
I'll sweep it all away, and shut the door

Cuz I don't know where this heart will go
Now that you've given it back to me
I had no intentions of saying goodbye my love
But I won't ask you to stay, today

I can't see your face clearly anymore
It has been erased since you walked out the door
Your voice has grown faint but I heard it all before
I'll sit here in the rain, glad for the end of this war

But I don't know where my life will go
Now that you've given it back to me
But I'm not worried, no, I'm just thinking of the possibilities
No I don't know where this path will go
That lately I've been following
But I don't mind, no I'll just take my time
And take whatever this short life brings


Self Titled EP - Bethany and the Guitar (Feb 2010)