Beth Barrett

Beth Barrett


We present a comtemporary Christian sound. We appeal to young audiences, teens and families. We all work together and always have new, fresh ideas. We worship with all our hearts and do it for HIS glory!


A powerful word for those who truly mean it.
We began 3 years ago.
For us worship is a way to give all we have to God. It is our way to let go and give up all we are holding back.
We focus on the connection we have with God, and during worship is our time.
Because our spirits are so high, people are really able to connect with the words we sing and they feel that they can throw their hands in the air.
Playing for mainly teens and younger audiences, we notice and see how much hurt, how many trials and how much pain that our own generation is dealing with. It hurts to see how much this world is struggling. We are pleased to know that what we bring to our listeners helps them to let go of any trials or tribulations that may be occurring in their lives. Our worship makes people feel like they are blessed when they leave.
A true connection between you and the audience is one of the most important things. It helps to be able come up with fresh and new ideas for songs that appeal to our audience.
Every Thursday we play at the senior high youth group at our church (Stoney Creek Community Church).
Various churches from our area have visited us and invited us numerous times to play at various events that they host.

We have put on a concert at “Family Camp” in Vassar, Mi (Wesleyan Woods)

Romeo Peach Festival occurs every year and we have been blessed to be able to play at it. We got to play right on Main Street. So many people could hear us and we feel that people’s lives could be transformed.

We have played locally through church events also.

We are just getting started. We want a chance to share what we have with everyone. We believe that lives can be transformed through our music- we want to make a difference.


Singles (Not Yet Released):

I Will

Set List

We are in the process of creating and writing our own work. We often play covers by Chirs Tomlin, Fee, Kari Jobe, Francesca Batitelli and many more.
Contemprary Christian is what we aim for.
Our typical set- list contains:
I'm singing, You Won't Relent, It's Your Life, You are for Me, and God of this City.
A typical set usually lasts around 25-30 minutes.
Many other popular songs that we do include:
We Cry out
Ain't No Rock
Sovereign Hands
I'm Singing
Forever Love
Beautiful, Beautiful
Desert Song
Mighty to Save
The Potter's Hand
Everyone Needs a Little
and so many more...